“Woodstock Rocks” | Spreading Joy One Rock at a Time

“Woodstock Rocks” | Spreading Joy One Rock at a Time

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A few months ago my friend, Christina, went on vacation with her family in Florida. When she returned she brought with her this joy about her. She shared with our group of friends how finding this painted rock brought joy to her heart and sparked an activity that would eventually inspire an entire community. She decided to paint her first batch of rocks and invited us to become founding members of her new group, “Woodstock Rocks”.

Woodstock Rocks
THE founder herself, Christina Brady!


Our small group contains extremely crafty gals, but we also have at least 12 kids all together. So, getting together and painting rocks was not really going to work without extra help. So we all tried to paint a few rocks and start hiding alongside Christina. However, the few of us were barely keeping up with the pace.

Woodstock Rocks
We Will Spread Joy

You see, people were finding the rocks and getting super excited about it! The problem was we didn’t have enough painters to counteract the finders. That’s when Christina went to work. I remember seeing her post numerous times that she was painting up a storm to get more out there to find. I swear, she finished at least 3 large batches before I even finished 1 small one. Nevertheless, she kept going, urging people to paint and share the group.

Petit Artist got involved and now you can paint rocks while you are making art! We love visiting especially on hot summer days! Photo Credit: petitartist.com

Now, the group has grown to over 1800 members with painters hiding every day. Local businesses such as Petit Artist, Pie Bar, Plae, and even the Downtown Woodstock Visitors Center are involved. “Woodstock Rocks” has grown quickly, not only on Facebook but in real life as well. What started as a small project with a few friends quickly spread into an amazing thing.

Woodstock Rocks
Plae Hard offered a 30 day training gift card if you found their rock! We found it on our walk!
Photo Credit: plaehard.com

My Obsession

Realistically painting rocks should be this fun thing you do on occasion right? For me, the obsession is real. It is SO fun to see someone find a rock that you painted! To be a small ripple in the Joy Pond. Sometimes, I find myself staying up past midnight just painting rocks. Time seems to fly by when I sit down to paint. I’m able to relax and release some of the parental chaos. I have found that it is therapeutic to share your art with the world.

Woodstock Rocks
Midnight Madness

I remember finding my first rock, it was one of Christina’s and the joy infection spread. As soon as I left I went to Target and grabbed the rock painting essentials. My small collection of paint, rocks, and paintbrushes has quickly grown to a larger but still minimalist collection. Instead of 3 colors I now have 20 colors, and we always have rocks on hand to paint.


Woodstock Rocks
I rocked Pie Bar and grabbed some pie while we were there! Check them out at orderpiebar.com


However, my favorite part of this project is seeing all of the wonderful things people can create. It’s seeing eyes light up when their rock is found. Seeing the joy that is so infectious that is growing steadily throughout Woodstock. Walking around the Farmers Market hearing people say, “ok, I’ll stay here and you go look for rocks” as I pass by. These are my favorite parts of the “Woodstock Rocks” project.

Woodstock Rocks
The ever elusive Poppy Rock!

So, How Do You Get Involved?

Start Painting! Find some rocks, get acrylic paint or paint pens, spray sealer, and get painting! Those are the basics you need to get started. The spray sealer is probably the most important because it keeps your rocks safe from the weather. Oh, be sure to put “Woodstock Rocks”, or your group name, on the back so people know where to find you!

Woodstock Rocks
Rock Painting Supplies

Join a Group! You can find us at “Woodstock Rocks” on Facebook but there are many other groups throughout the country! Join us and join a local group to spread joy throughout your community. You will make new friends, learn new skills, and just have fun.

Amazing Talent From One of Our Members

Share! Share this blog post, the group, and reach out to invite others to feel the joy! The group has even had coverage in Macaroni Kid! As always my job is to amplify dreams, so it would be awesome to have news coverage as well. Until then we will keep sharing on social media and throughout the community. Oh, and on Instagram the hashtag is #wdstkrocks!

Woodstock Rocks
The Woodstock Visitors Center gave away tickets to the Wine Crawl!
Photo Credit: visitwoodstockga.com

Christina’s hope is to spread the project throughout Georgia not only making joy a priority but also encouraging people to take in their surroundings more. Personally, I have found myself looking down at my phone less and looking at the beauty in our community more. I’ve been excited to leave the house, explore new places, and see the joy that we are spreading. Thank you, Christina, for bringing this project to our town and thank you to the growing group for believing in the magic that one rock has the power to change the world.

Woodstock Rocks
Another Beauty!

**Special thank you to the members of “Woodstock Rocks” for allowing me to share their creations!**

Do you have a local rock group? Post your creations and links to your group in the comments!

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  1. My husband and I found two rocks today. We were so excited to see ‘Woodstock Rocks” on the back. We did not know what we were supposed to do. We picked them up. Are we supposed to take them to a different location? I am 70 years old, and I still have rocks that we painted when when we were dating in 1972.

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