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The Vitamin C Party + Mix Lab

What’s A Vitamin C Party?

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect at Dirty Beauty‘s Vitamin C Party last night. Were there going to be oranges as decorations and fresh orange juice to drink? I seriously had no clue what to expect other than amazing products from Dirty Beauty.

Dirty Beauty Vitamin C Party

Walking into the shared space between Lavandula Skin Spa and Dirty Beauty you feel a sense of calm wash over you. The eclectic art pieces mixed with a minimalist feel just captivates your senses. To guide you in a sweet smell of essential oils soars through the air completely relaxes you. The atmosphere just completely matches the pairing of these two stunning business owners.



Samantha, from Dirty Beauty, offers her products on display for purchase in the waiting room. While Becca, from Lavandula Skin Spa, prepares her treatment rooms. The combination just works flawlessly. There is a beautiful foot soak room on your left as you walk down the hallway, passing Lavandula’s main treatment room. As you pass a shared space for restorative yoga and events, you see it THE LAB!


The Lab

I know I didn’t answer the Vitamin C Party question yet but stay with me, I’m getting there. Before I explain the beauty of the Mix Lab, let me tell you about the food! Oh! Samantha set an absolutely beautiful table full of fresh produce from the Downtown Woodstock Farmer’s Market.  Her helpers made some tasty treats as well. I never could decide if I liked the cheesecake with blueberries or the chocolate with pineapple the best. It was all so delicious, I almost didn’t make it into the Mix Lab!


Downtown Woodstock Farmers Market

As I walked across the hall into the Mix Lab, I noticed signs all around the room. Signs talking about essential oils and dilutions, mixes and matches. It was SO COOL! My favorite thing, well I have a lot of favorites, was the sign saying you had to wear goggles while mixing! Like a real scientist with plants, skin care, and makeup!

The shelves full of ingredients made me really feel like I was in a lab. I’ve seen stories on Facebook about “mix your own” studios but never thought we would have one in Woodstock! Let alone, plant based!


Testing Time

As the event attendees entered the space, I could see in their faces that they too were feeling the calm that I felt when I walked in. Everyone was laughing and talking just like we were old friends. Bonding in one room over Carol’s mushroom tortellini and in the other room getting dirty. By dirty I mean, getting beautiful skin with the amazing products by Dirty Beauty.

In the Mix Lab, @clarity_jane  tried a new method for her current treatment. After which, @musedixon tried an oil based makeup remover for the first time. As a new user of Dirty Beauty, I was amazed at how bright and clean their skin looked! Seeing how easy it was to use was a huge plus in my book! As a mom, it’s hard enough to balance the parental chaos let alone have a detailed beauty regimen. (Those of you who do, I salute you!)


Watching is one thing, listening to Samantha speak about the ingredients is THE thing. Hearing her passion for the ingredients she chooses. The reasons behind using radishes and honey for things you would never have thought of! I am blown away.

Then she discussed Vitamin C, see told you I’d get there, and the benefits of consuming it. I didn’t think about Vitamin C as a skin boosting element. Maybe on your face but I never put two and two together. When you consume it and the benefits to your skin. If you have any skin concerns, go see Samantha! She will astound you with her knowledge and show you what plants can really do. Oh, and she even offers a teen line called Farmface!


Thank you so much to Dirty Beauty and Lavandula Skin Spa for having me!

 If you are ready to try plant based skin care, enjoy yoga, foot spas, and the amazing vibes head to 8744 Main Street Suite 401, Woodstock GA today! Well, not today, check their hours first. Seriously though, if you are local go have yourself some alone time in a place that is truly worth it.

Dirty Beauty Mix Lab
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