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Valentine’s Day: Remember The Love When Time Stood Still

When Did Time Stand Still?

My friend’s over at The Time Necklace have created a product inspired by the times in your life that time stood still. Was it when you met your partner? What about when you held your baby in your arms for the first time? Life is all about celebrating and remembering the moments that matter the most to you. For me, this Valentine’s Day I’m choosing to remember the moments with The Dudeman that shaped our relationship and ultimately our parenting style as well.

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When We Met

We met eight years ago in Alabama at Birmingham-Southern College. Two lacrosse players from opposite sides of Atlanta met a state away and forged a bond that was strong from the beginning. Totes not how it happened. We never truly dated, it was more like I thought he was cute (he still is smokin’) and kept inviting him and his friend places. Eventually, he caved to my beauty and awesomeness, which also meant we never left each other’s side.

Seriously though, meeting him and the time between then and marriage was some of the most fun and emotional times for me. It taught me to speak my mind and fight for what I wanted. To not give up even when times get rough and that it’s ok to be happy in life.

When We Got Married & Became Parents

This time in life was four years into our relationship and it all happened so quickly. It was somewhat of a bittersweet time as the excitement of engagement and then the surprise of that little Kbebe happened within a week of each other. A rushed wedding and a beautiful homebirth later we are parents! These are the trying days of hormones, stress, finances, life, and basically, just adult life smacking ya in the face. Then The Sweetness came rushing in with a sprint-to-the-finish-line homebirth.

The second kid about ruined my parenting style and when I tell you I’ve aged significantly I mean it. This kid has been the joy of my life but also woo the sass on her, I’m scared. But really, she has taught me that it’s ok to be flexible and to not take life so seriously. She also taught me the benefit of a schedule which resulted in more one on one time with The Dudeman. So through it all, this time has been my favorite so far.

The Time of The Future

As we approach new moments in life while they are terrifying and big decisions they are also exciting. They grow and change as life flows. But I know we can work it out just as long as we keep our 4 rules of love. These are also somewhat t

  • Love Each Other
  • Open Communication
  • Never Stop Growing
  • Always Have Fun

These are the goals we have for our relationship, what are yours? Set them realistically and understand that we are all just humans and growth means changing when needed. Our relationship is not perfect but we truly enjoy and love each other. All of that translates to our parenting style and we hope to our future generations.

Side Note: The Time Necklace

This is a complete “self-care” request for you to check out The Time Necklace on Kickstarter! I really want one and they will only get made if they reach their goal. I am obsessed with the concept of stopping the necklace for a time or date. Then it is so #minimalistgoals and dainty I would wear it every day! In all seriousness, this project is beautiful, the founders are the sweetest people, and this piece is gorgeous.

The Time Necklace. Dainty Minimal Classic Minimalist Jewelry
Photo Credit: The Time Necklace


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