Parental Chaos

Reflecting on Twenty-Six, Make Way for Twenty-Seven


This year has been completely mind-blowing, fantastic, amazeballs, chaotic, heartwrenching, and filled with SO much growth. This past year I’ve gone from one career, LaVie Bebe, to finding my voice as a blogger. MommyCon has been a HUGE supporting role in my journey and I am more excited than ever about twenty-seven.

See, next year is 2018. My favorite number is 18, all the best athletes are number 18, television/movies all use 18 for their star player, and 2018 is going to be my year. Seriously I am claiming it now. Next year I will be so much better at adulting than I was these past twothree four parental chaos filled years.

As this twenty-sixth year comes to an end I’ve become more aware of what the heck I’ve done to my life. It’s as if the fog lifted from my eyes and I see the destruction left in its wake. I’m going to blame hormones, prenatal and postpartum hormones. That’s why my life is filled with a never-ending catch up to do list for next year.

But, I’m going to own it! I’m owning up to the mistakes I’ve made these past years. I’m breaking through the parental chaos fog, and I’m finally feeling like life is coming together. This past year showed me that I am stronger than I ever imagined that I could be.

Twenty-Seven a year in transition. Adulting take 2.


Enough about the past, make way for my future! Twenty-seven just feels good, not numerology wise my witchy friend tells me but just in my heart. In my heart I just feel like my twenty-seventh trip around the Sun is going to be one for the ages. I’m more confident than ever, I am working on self-care, and communication is my love language. I am no longer afraid to speak up, speak out, and just be my silly self.

Speaking of silly self, wanna hear a joke? What wakes up in the morning but sleeps all day? Moms with no coffee (badum-tish) Ok, ok, I’ll work on my jokes.

Anyways, twenty-seven years old dang I’m old. How did I end up in my late twenties already? I swear I was just turning twenty-three, oh yeah I have two kids. One is three and the other is one…so that is where the time went. Dangit.


Isn’t it weird how time speeds up when you have kids? For me, I seem to focus so much on the kids that I completely forget that I exist. I couldn’t tell you what I did for my birthday last year. Honestly, I just cannot remember if we did anything. I know that I went to tea with my mother in law because that is what we always do but I’m also not 100% sure.

In these parental chaos years, I’ve had to rely heavily on Facebook’s Memories to remember what I did a year or two ago. It’s all a blur and that is not ok. So I’m claiming my twenty-seventh year as MY year. This birthday will be memorable, I command it. Ok, as I’m writing this (Friday Night) Kbebe has a stomach bug, so I’m praying that A. I don’t get it and B. that he gets better before my birthday. What? Mama needs time too and I can’t have time if I know he’s not feeling 100%.

So, hopefully, he gets better and I get to do brunch with the hubby and spa day with my girls! Check back later this week for updates from my birthday at Lavandula Skin Spa / Dirty Beauty Mix Lab. I’m stoked for my one week planned party. Hustle or Hyde, amirite?

When did you feel that call to fully commit to adulting? Tell me in the comments below!

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