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4 Things to Know When Traveling with Endometriosis

 Traveling with Endometriosis

Traveling with Endometriosis

As I head to MommyCon Orlando this weekend I am counting and recounting my cycle days. Oh, it would be horrible if I got my cycle this weekend because we have Disney planned and MommyCon. Basically, it is a busy weekend, too busy to be traveling with Endometriosis.

What I’ve found is that it is better to be over prepared than under prepared. I pack everything that I may need, plus an extra change of clothes just in case. For me, Endometriosis flare ups can happen at any time with my cycle and it is best to be ready for the worst.

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Always Pack a Backup

I now use a menstrual cup but I always pack backup pads just in case. I found these chlorine free pads by L. at Target. They come in a bag of 42 pads and are priced around the same as mainstream products! These pads are free of pesticides, rayon, fragrances, deodorants, dyes, and made with hypoallergenic cotton. The best part is that for every pad you purchase the company provides one to a girl in a developing country.

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As an Endo-girl, that is huge to me. I have noticed a difference in pain levels after switching to non-toxic methods. My original issue was that “chemical free” meant expensive. With the L. brand, chemical free is within reach and my go-to backup. Now that I have found what works I can always look it up while traveling if I forget my cup.

Take Pain Management Seriously

For me, holistic remedies are often the best. I choose to heal naturally versus taking something that just covers up the problem. During my cycle, I typically use essential oils, rest, and CBD oil to manage the pain.

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While traveling you may not be in a position to rest and the use of cannabis remedies (CBD) is still a bit taboo in some places even if legal. So, I always add on pain killers (Motrin, Advil, Aleve) to my bag just in case I need something to mask the pain while taking care of things. You have to do what you have to do.

Always Know Where the Hospital is Located

For some, Endometriosis flare ups mean ER trips. That being said, I always look up where the nearest Hospitals are to where we are staying. Sometimes I even research the hospitals to see which one is better suited for Endometriosis flare ups.

Honestly, that is a good tip for anyone even if you don’t have Endo. You never know what is going to happen so you might as well arrive prepared. You don’t have to have set plans for the whole trip but knowing where the closest Hospital is should be an important part of traveling period.

Stay in Contact

If you are traveling with someone make sure they know what you need. This weekend we are making it a #MomsTrip and my friend is coming with me. Before we board the plane I am showing her my Endo bag and explaining what may happen if my cycle shows up. I may need to take is slow at Disney or I may just need an extra dose of pain management.


Phone a Friend

If you are traveling alone be sure to link up with your support system. You may need someone to lift your spirits so you can keep the trip alive. For me, that is the Endometriosis Fighters of Georgia. The ladies in that group are completely supportive and always available to talk symptoms. They also may know someone where I am traveling to in the future, just in case I need someone’s help.

That’s All I Got

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