Take a Break, Then Hustle

Take a Break

If you haven’t noticed March was almost a zero blog month. Overwhelmed with life, kids starting school, selling the house, and travel. Seriously, so much travel in March I thought I would never have a quiet moment at home again. But we survived, the house is sold, the kids are happy, and I’m back on my hustle. Now, just to find a new place to live.

Ok, we have a place to live. The Dudeman’s childhood bedroom with a loft where all four of us sleep. Underneath the loft, we have made a little “living room” with a TV and couch. Along the edges of the room, we have stuffed our belongings into a chaotic organized array of interesting items. Ok, basically the closet is stuffed with our clothes as organized as you can be as a family of four. All of the shelves are set up Montessori Style for the kiddos. Then there are the mountains of movies and books spilling out from underneath the TV.

Basically, Chaos

Seriously, our life this past month has been a whirlwind of stress, kids ups and downs in school, and the decision to stick with RVing or go another direction. How do you make that big of a decision in a short amount of time? We try taking things slowly but our life never allows us that, the hustle is what we know. See, Kbebe has some health issues and we need to decide and decide quickly.

That is what April shall be filled with, decisions. Decisions and another round of downsizing. Minimalism is our goal for our home, we may hustle and stay busy with work but in our downtime peace is what we seek.

What Do You Seek?

That is the big question, isn’t it? What is your “why” or the driving factor behind your life’s hustle? Life doesn’t get put on hold just because we become parents. You can have it all, but you have to understand that having it all doesn’t have a certain look to it. Flexibility in your stability and remembering to take a moment to breathe within it all.

For me, I seek a life of togetherness and sustainability. So, I will do what I have to, hustle as hard as I can to achieve that life. That doesn’t mean I put self-care on hold though. Sometimes you have to take a break and refocus on the reasons, and then return to your hustle renewed.


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