An Exciting Summer Full Of Life

Summertime This summer I want to focus on living! Living our lives out loud and pushing myself to hangout with people instead of hiding in my house. Yes, it’s going to be hot but it’s worth it. My kiddos love being with friends and doing things. So here we go, a summer full of life! Every day I want to […]

Days 2-4 on Zoloft – My Postpartum Anxiety Story

I Feel A Little Better and a Little Not Ok, I know it’s not an overnight fix but I do feel a little better. Granted, I’m writing this while laid in bed working from my computer, but I feel good. I need to go outside though, it’s strange to have the feeling of wanting to do something. For so long […]

Reclaiming My Life This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Mother’s Day a celebration of the mom you are in whatever way that may be. For me, I am reclaiming my life as the mother I am and the person I am. The mother I thought I was (or rather was trying to be) is gone and I’m making way for this fearless mother who isn’t afraid to […]

Earth Day Forever With Amy’s Green Cleaning

Earth Day is Over It’s over, right? It’s one day long, or weekend, the party where we all recycle and the World is saved. Then the next day we hit up the store and revert back to the way we were before. Not this year! I’m putting my foot down and (trying) making a permanent change in our lifestyle. We already […]

Don’t be Afraid to Hustle After What Fulfills You

The Definition of Hustle There are many definitions of the word hustle. Merriam-Webster says the definition is “to crowd or push, to convey hurriedly, to obtain by energetic activity”. But, it also says, “to make strenuous efforts to obtain”. That’s the definition I live by in all avenues of my life. To make strenuous efforts to obtain a life that […]

Take a Break, Then Hustle

Take a Break If you haven’t noticed March was almost a zero blog month. Overwhelmed with life, kids starting school, selling the house, and travel. Seriously, so much travel in March I thought I would never have a quiet moment at home again. But we survived, the house is sold, the kids are happy, and I’m back on my hustle. […]

Hustle or Hyde – What in the Fantasy World Does That Mean?

So, Hustle or Hyde, Right? Basically, yeah. Our goal is to create a life we don’t have to hide from. A life of sustainability, freedom, and togetherness. Our little Hydeaway where we can be our real selves, teach our children to embrace themselves while inspiring others along the way. If we have to sacrifice and hustle our way to making […]

Valentine’s Day: Remember The Love When Time Stood Still

When Did Time Stand Still? My friend’s over at The Time Necklace have created a product inspired by the times in your life that time stood still. Was it when you met your partner? What about when you held your baby in your arms for the first time? Life is all about celebrating and remembering the moments that matter the […]

A New Year for a New Kind of Marriage

Marriage is Hard Seriously, is it easy for anyone out there? I mean, The Dudeman and I have been together for almost 8 years, but our marriage is coming up on year 4. These 8 years have been full of drama, love, chill times, hype times, and we have literally grown up together. See, we met in college and it […]

How Downsizing Made Me a Better Mom: 2018 Plans

Downsizing Have you heard of that new movie “Downsizing“? Well, we are in the thick of it, minus the actual shrinking of our bodies. Although I have lost a few pounds lately…check out my postpartum story when you have time! Anyways, we are in the thick of downsizing and selling our house. If you follow me on Instagram (my stories […]