5 Tips for Creating a Summer Rhythm

Creating a Summer Rhythm

Have you noticed that sometimes summer break can lead to chaos? That’s what it’s like in my house at least. Not having that routine of getting up, going to school, and then the evening rhythm. Summertime sometimes leads to overwhelming amounts of screen time in our house and I’m over it. This summer I want to create a rhythm that is beneficial for all of us. Yes, there will be screen time (my son is literally watching Magic School Bus as I type this) but I’m hoping to limit it with our rhythm.

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What Rhythm

Ok, so for years I have lived a life of freedom. A free-living child led unschooling, wild lifestyle. What I’ve learned from that experience is that our family thrives on rhythm. It doesn’t have to be a perfectly scheduled out day but a loose rhythm works best. What does that look like? Well, this week is our screen time week. Yeah, I said I’m over it but I also have to work so this week (first week of summer) I’m a little looser than I want to be.

  • Kids wake up at 7ish (sometimes earlier)
  • Breakfast
  • Screen time for about an hour
  • Dressed
  • Out the door for a morning activity
  • Read our book club book (The Secret to Clara’s Calm)
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Outside Play
  • Dinner
  • Bed by 7:30 pm

Yes, there are some days that stray from this rhythm but this is what we are striving towards. Our activities vary and we are really trying to build our community this summer with group events. What about you? What does your summer rhythm look like? Do you find it difficult to stick to a rhythm?

5 Tips for Creating Summer Rhythm

Number 1: Relax, it doesn’t have to be perfect every day.

Number 2: Take a breath, the kids will be chaotic but you can handle this.

Number 3: Be flexible and look up things to do. We have dance class, gymnastics (Check out this Groupon), and then there is always the library. Plus look around for free things to do. (Bowling)

Number 4: Be Consistent. Whatever your rhythm, try and stay as consistent with it as possible. Let it flow if you don’t hit every hour on time but try and at least keep one or two times consistent. In our house we try to always leave the house by 10 am and bedtime is as close to 7:30 pm as possible.

Number 5: Find friends to do things with. When I include others I stay on track because I feel obligated to be there. So make a plan and invite people!


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