How We Make Our Summer More Than Fun

Sweet Summertime

Every year I have been trying to find balance between fun and educational activities. I know that not everything needs to be learning but you can find learning everywhere! This summer we were gifted an opportunity to try Kindergarten Toolkit© and I am stoked! Not only will we have some guidance for adding some learning games but tools for life.

*I did receive the toolkit for free but am writing this honestly. I need all the help I can get this summer, these kids are too big now! Read more here: Disclaimer

kindergarten toolkit a on shapes

My Plans for This Year

This year we have a whole summer schedule jam packed (and coming to The Hydeaway). It is full of pool playdates, trips to Chattahoochee Nature Center, the Atlanta Children’s Museum, and so many more fun activities. The one thing that we do love adding in is our favorite chalk game. We call it “I See The” and basically I just write those sight words on the group and we hop from word to word ending with saying what we can see.

kindergarten toolkit. kid writing the letter A on a white board with a card that reads A. Summer Fun and More

With Kindergarten Toolkit© I can switch up our games and incorporate a little more learning. Hey, my kiddos love my games…I think. Each toolkit comes with everything you need. A parents handbook, white board, dry erase marker, dry eraser, pencil, chalk, a bag to hold it all, and three well made card decks. In our toolkit we have ABCs, upper and lowercase, numbers, shapes, and sight words. It is fantastic!

Kindergarten toolkit, on , learning, dry erase, summer fun

What are Your Plans

What are your plans this summer? Do you have your kiddos signed up for camps or anything? What about fun activities? Or are you like I was last year where I just held on and enjoyed the ride? Whatever your plans are, I hope that you incorporate more than fun activities. Learning really is everywhere, you just have to find ways to make it fun at the same time.


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