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Shower Struggles | #momlife

Ok, as a mom you already know what I am about to write about. Dude, solo showers and kids do not mix. I can’t remember the last time I had a slow, luxurious, calm, solo shower. Now I have to wash everyone or rush as fast as I can to wash my whole body. Don’t even get me started on the whole wash my hair vs. shave debate.

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Back to the story, last week I was struggling hard. The Sweetness had a runny nose so we had a rough night. She kept wanting to nurse but couldn’t breathe, top that with teething and we are both exhausted. All day long Kbebe kept waking her up saying, “sissy wake up!” and jostling her awake. This meant I was stuck under her and trying to keep Kbebe fed and happy. Thank goodness for babywearing, but she also didn’t want me doing anything.


So here I am stuck on the couch with the baby, wearing her and rocking her while Kbebe runs naked in the house. Around 2pm my friend says, “hey do you want me to take K for a bit?” Eagerly I said yes and told her I would have him ready to go. The next thing I knew she was at the door, he was still naked, and the baby was screaming. My friend came in, helped me dress K and took him to play for a few hours. I was determined to get some things done. Right, right, wrong! “Sweet baby girl, go to sleep, brother is gone and mom needs to get stuff done,” I whispered while rocking her. I gave up, put my breakfast (yeah…) in the oven and took her to the bedroom praying she would rest. Fifteen minutes later I get my wish and she sleeps.

Gingerly I escape the bedroom and head to the kitchen to grab my food. Yep, burnt just like I thought. Whatever, I finally sit down alone to eat and I hear a baby cry. She’s up again! I grab her and bring her to the couch so she will hopefully sleep and I can eat. She does! As I sit here eating my burnt spinach & kale bites from Aldi, trying to be healthy. Lets be real, you know I had fries on the side. I am looking out at the mess my son made before he left and I scarf down my food and clean it up.

I think to myself, man it would be nice to have a shower right now. So I throw in some laundry on my way back to the kitchen. Which of course led me to throw in a load in the dishwasher, clean the counters, and take out the trash. Then I noticed the laundry needed folded so I took care of that too. It’s been an hour or so and the baby is still asleep, it is amazing. So I tell myself, “if you go right now you can get a shower before she wakes up, get in there.”

What do I see as I walk to the shower?

Kbebe’s room was a mess before I got to it. Simplified, clean, and the baby is still sleeping. I know that she will get up soon so I run to the bathroom. (Ya’ll know I don’t run) I turned on the shower and heard a baby cry.


I run to the living room and see she is still asleep. What the heck? Those phantom cries are for real, I swore I heard her. I leave her (on the couch, surrounded by pillows she is safe I promise) and I run back to the shower. I jump in, terrified she is going to wake up, and scrub my body as fast as I can. I debate washing my hair but say, “whatever just do it quick” and knock it out. I shave my underarms but my legs get skipped. Told ya, wash my hair vs. shave my legs debate. Thankfully my mom bought me the Nivea In Shower Body Lotion or I’d be an ashy mess afterwards. I slather my bod with lotion, rinse it off, and run out the shower. I quickly dress and run to the living room…to find the baby still asleep.

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