Parental Chaos

Sharing Our Reality with The World

This is Terrifying

Why would you show the world all your vulnerability? For attention? For ridicule? Or simply because you believe that by sharing your reality you can inspire others?

That’s my mission. To share my reality, mess and all, to show others that you aren’t alone. Social media paints a pretty picture but parental chaos ain’t always pretty. For me, it’s actually really really ugly.

Hot Mess Mom

I’m a proud hot mess mom because I know I don’t have it all together but I’m trying. My family is about to make a drastic change all in the name of trying to get it together.

See, we bought our house not intending to have children right away. The kiddos brought more than just joy with them, they brought the mess. Seriously, it’s like I completely shut down after having kids and am now trying to pick up the pieces.

Do you ever feel like that?

Our Reality

Our reality is just two twenty-seven-year-olds trying to tackle parenthood, housework, and that thing called finances. Basically, adulting is kicking our butts and we have been failing at it.

Financially we are not in a great place. Student loans, car loan, and debt. We have been barely keeping our heads above water which has made us act like everything else is too overwhelming.

Housework: HAH. Yeah, I’m not a great housewife. I’m trying to keep the main areas clean but as you can see my room is a nightmare.

Our reality is not social media pretty. It's messy and things are changing.

Parenthood though, parenthood we have got on lock. Our kids are polite, smart (alicks), and they are healthy/thriving. We LOVE being parents, it’s everything else that is hard.

Making a Change

So, we are finally stepping up to the adulting challenge. Taking the parental chaos to new heights. Starting with literally selling and/or giving everything away.
We will be moving in with my in-laws temporarily while we sell our house. The next steps are still coming together so stay tuned for awesomeness ahead.

Oh, and we are starting a YouTube channel! Sign up for the newsletter for updates and photos of our progress. It’s going to be a wild ride for sure!

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Sharing our reality with the world isn't easy. It's actually really really messy. What's your reality?


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