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Motherhood, Why So Serious? | #parentalchaos

Motherhood, Why So Serious?

Motherhood is hard I’ll give you that but I like to think it’s not as hard as you think. Most of us put tons of pressure on ourselves to be the perfect person, wife, mother, etc. It all wears you down and you start to feel that you need to neglect yourself in order to survive.

For me, I shut down when I put that much pressure on myself. I am still working on balancing out everything while also making time for myself. But no matter how hard I try, my friends always seem to have it more together than me!

Their houses are clean, Minimalist, and their kids never have stains or dirty faces. Where my kids look like their faces were born with dirt embedded in their cheeks. Side note: seriously, where does all the dirt come from?! I see my social media idols with perfection and get down on myself, though I know not everything is how it seems.

Why do we do that? Compare ourselves to others or rather focus on what others are doing? Wouldn’t it be nice to just be confident in your version of life and motherhood? That’s my goal, to go confidently into my journey.  To inspire other parents to be confident in their own parental chaos.

So, high five to all those moms who seem to have it together and the same to those of us who don’t. We are all on our own parenting journey, there is no reason we should continue to live as though life is only one way. Every one of us has parental chaos, it just looks a little different on our individual journey.

Now go outside and be present with your children!

See the world through their eyes, trust me you will experience and mind shift. Let them play freely without hearing a “be careful” from you. I am the WORST at saying “be careful” all the time, but I’m working on it! I sometimes feel that I have a little voice in my ear saying, “be careful”, “don’t do that”, “what are you doing?” That little voice that keeps me from being my true self and just living my life freely. For my children, I want more. I want them to be free to be.



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