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When The World Starts Crashing Down, We Rise

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Life is all hard work and stress. To rise above it all takes strength. Name one person who has it together and I’d say that’s a lie. If it’s true, they must be really good at managing life.

As for me, not so much perfect as I am completely and totally human. I fail on the daily and feel like I am just horrible at being an adult. Can I grow younger instead of older, please?

Looking through my children’s eyes I see the hope they carry with them. That childlike wonder and positivity that I tend to lack on tough days.

Tough days like today when all the calls are bills and we have negative $7 in our account. When the kids start waking up at 6:30 AM every day instead of their usual 7:30/8:00 AM. Losing that hour in the morning is really messing with our rhythm.


Rhythm is what we have been talking about all week. Our “Chaos Flow” is truly taking on a real meaning. Learning to roll with the chaos is proving harder than I ever imagined. Why is it so hard to find the correct words when the world seems to try and tear my marriage apart?

Yes, things are getting better and easier but that doesn’t mean perfection. Some days are harder than others. Some days the parental chaos feels like bricks being thrown at your face and directly into your heart.

Our rhythm is finding the drive to hustle when you feel like hiding. To find the peace within when you just want to scream out, “WHY?!”


We Rise

Still, we must rise past the negative feels that are creeping in. Fight against those words we are tempted to say. Then pick up your heart, set aside emotions, and push forward.

No one ever said life was going to be a cakewalk. Bad choices are made, that is just what happens. The only thing you can do is stop the blame game.

Stop blaming yourself for your bad choices. Stop blaming your partner and everyone else. Just stop it. Find a moment to breathe, think of a plan, and get it together.

Yeah, yeah, yeah all the “buts” start creeping in. Just stop it. There are no buts, there is just action. Make a change in mindset and make a change in your life. Rise above the attitude and goal of perfection. Meet yourself where you are and be proud that you are making changes.

You are stronger than you feel in this moment.

Embrace it and rise.

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