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Releasing Emotional Clutter Forever

Releasing Emotional Clutter Forever

Look, removing clutter from your home is just one step in the whole downsizing process. Sure, a clean home can create a huge sigh of relief but then what? What happens after the house is clean and your life is more streamlined? For me, the Declutter Home Emotional Clutterwhole process has been a test in balance. Balancing closing LaVie Bebe and the whole transition to tiny living has my emotions going from high to low. From unbelievably happy and excited to completely heartbroken. This is why it is so important to move on past the physical clutter and focus on the emotional clutter as well.

Chasing your dreams is so often a heart thing, you put your whole heart into this creation without a second thought. That’s what I did when building a boutique that would bridge the gap in my community. I did too, I made a difference and made many connections that will last a lifetime. What I have learned through removing emotional clutter is that “grace” is your friend and it is normal to grieve during the process.

Emotional Clutter

Release It

You have to let go of any preconceived notion of what your life will be like once your journey ends. You have to stop living fully future focused. I sometimes catch myself thinking, “life is going to be so great when I have less stuff,” and spiraling into the Pin-abyss. (Admit it, you know you get stuck on Pinterest too.) This doesn’t mean you aren’t focused on the future. It means that you are so happy with your plans for the future you can relax in the knowledge that your daily plans align with that dream. For me, releasing all thoughts of future plans has allowed me space to grieve the end of one dream and prepare for the next one.


Give yourself time to grieve your old dreams, your old self, and understand that it is normal! From my experience, it feels good to let yourself be vulnerable. It’s hard and you should definitely be ready for criticism, but it is worth it. Once you let it all go, you will come out the other side ready to embrace the change.

Embrace a New Mindset

Let it all go and change how you think about what you are doing each day. Mindset change is the biggest part of letting go of emotional clutter. Change HOW you think, not what you think. Instead of thinking about what you did wrong, think about what you have learned. This new mindset doesn’t mean you won’t succumb to emotions but rather you are gaining a tool to help you move through the emotions.


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