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Reclaiming My Life This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day a celebration of the mom you are in whatever way that may be. For me, I am reclaiming my life as the mother I am and the person I am. The mother I thought I was (or rather was trying to be) is gone and I’m making way for this fearless mother who isn’t afraid to speak up and own her life. I’m celebrating in new ways, I’m reclaiming my sustainability, and finding fulfillment in the hard work it’s taken to become me.

How Do You Celebrate?

My father always celebrated with us by bringing us home flowers. I remember him bringing home beautiful bouquets for my mom and a smaller one for his two girls. After my parents split my dad continued this tradition to show us that celebrating the fact that we can bring babies into this world is beautiful. For Father’s Day, he always expected socks in return, but we always got creative. (That’s another story) To this day my dad sends me flowers but although I’ve changed a lot, I will always appreciate and love that tradition.

Nowadays, my Mother’s Day is spent chasing kiddos and extended family dinners. Very rarely am I asked what I want and I’ve already told my husband that it makes me sad when flowers die. So this year, I’m really hoping for a cute little succulent planter instead of cut flowers (hint-hint) or just a day to relax with no responsibilities. I don’t even know what that feels like anymore, to not have responsibilities 24/7.

Reclaiming Myself

The problem is, I never speak up with what I want. Every year I just say, “whatever you want to do or whatever the family dinner is”. Then I end up helping cook, clean, plus hanging out with all these kids. Then there is laundry, groceries, and getting ready for the week ahead. It seems like the Mom-Job just never ends and we never get a break, right?

Can you relate to that at all? Are your holidays as planned out and focused on others as mine are?

This year I want to reclaim myself and speak up with what I want. I’ve let my sustainability side hide away because life was “too stressful” to do more. But in reality, choosing to find eco-friendly options isn’t that bad, it’s just more work for me. Maybe that is why I’ve let it slide? I’m so overwhelmed with life, work, and family that I’ve stopped hustling after what fulfills me. Not anymore. I want to be happy, I deserve to be happy, and I sure as heck deserve a break.

Speak Up

I’m speaking up this year, my year of fearless, and telling my husband that I just need a break. I need some time where I’m not thinking about work or family. Time to breathe, do yoga, or just find space to relax. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be spent with your children, it totally can and I will, but it doesn’t have to be. What if we started thinking about motherhood as a job to where we need some time off? I mean mom guilt central, right? There is no way I won’t be thinking of my kids but it would be nice to have a moment that is JUST for me.


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