This Puerto Rican Loves Rice and Healthy Living

This Puerto Rican Loves Rice and Healthy Living

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Look here before you start hating on the title of this post, I’m Puerto Rican and I LOVE Rice. I actually LOVE my curves too. It has taken a while but I have finally decided loving myself is so much better than whatever I was doing before. Anyways dude, I would eat rice every meal if I could. Some days I have! Arroz con Leche in the morning and my grandma’s Arroz con Gandules throughout the day. These family recipes are the blessings I share with my new family and hope my children pass it down tHustle GirlBoss o theirs as well.

I first shared Arroz con Pollo for my family Kbebe was a one-year-old. He ate that stuff up with vigor, barely stopping to breathe. To this day he vacuums up whatever rice you put on his plate. The Sweetness well she just loves food, period. This one time when she first became mobile she pulled Kbebe’s food down and was just chomping away. I didn’t even notice until he yelled, “sissy stop eating my food!”

Back to the beginning rice has always been a staple in my home. Even my father, who is of Asian descent, would wake us with fried rice for breakfast on the weekends. Rice seems to always be available and reminds me of home. That really makes me feel good from the inside out.

As I grow older I am learning about health and my body is changing. I’ve come to realize that my body isn’t a teenage body anymore. It’s a grown woman who made and still feeds two children. My body is amazing but I would love to be more conscious of the food I’m putting in it! *a love story for another day* Our goals are to live more intentional lives so I wanted to come up with an easy and healthy way to hold onto that good feeling from my youth.

Arroz con Leche de Almendras

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What family traditions have you passed down to your family? What did they think?

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