Princess Kate Makes Me Feel…


This past week, Princess Kate gave birth to her third baby and opened herself up for criticism. As some saw her stepping out 7 hours after her baby was born, I saw it as pure strength. Memes floated around comparing her to “real moms” and people felt they had the right to somewhat shame her way of life. Because that is what it is, her way of life. She has obligations as a member of The Royal Family to present herself and her babies to The World. That has to be so hard and she pulls it off effortlessly.

For me, it took a while to write this post because I have mixed feelings. In The Hydeaway we talked about the concept of social media reality and real life reality. How sometimes jealousy masks the celebratory nature we should be feeling and how some realities are consistent across all channels of their life. Being a princess in itself must be hard then add on the pressure, jealousy, and just downright lack of privacy. I can only imagine.


What about you? How did you feel when you saw the photo of the new little prince? Were you one of those contributing to the memes? It’s totally normal for us to feel inadequate or even just plain jealous that celebrities have a glam squad. But the thing is, would you feel the same way if it was one of your friends in real life?

For me, I feel like we all have our own realities in life and they should be celebrated. Some of us are able to bounce back after pregnancy, some of us (like me) held onto the weight. It is all about how your mindset within that reality. Are you strong enough to stand strong and own your life?

Princess Kate Makes Me Feel

I said I was on the fence, right? Well, this is what I mean. Princess Kate Makes Me Feel…

STRONG- I see her standing there with her baby and the love in her eyes shows just why she stays true to the traditions in her life.

CAPABLE- If she can do this, I can do this. I don’t need to hide when I’m feeling bad, just push forward and do the dang thing.

SCARED- I am totally scared to be vulnerable like she is. It’s amazing how she can exude confidence in a moment where I would completely break down.

VULNERABLE- Should I show my 7 hour after photo? Am I good enough? Am I strong enough?

PROUD- To be a woman. To see her standing there strong and showing that we women can do anything. I am very proud to call myself a woman when I see those photos.

I’m proud of her, proud of myself, and dang proud of all of you. This motherhood thing is hard but we can do this. If we uplift each other and stop comparing ourselves to others, our lives would be a lot happier. That’s just my opinion of course but it is something that I personally struggle with in this day and age of social media perfection. Can we change that?


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