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Postpartum in Progress

Postpartum in Progress

This is my postpartum journey, it’s no one else’s but mine. I am responsible for my own life and no one tells me how to change. But, I have never been this strong before.

This is me in October 2016. On vacation with my father and two littles. This is also me at my heaviest. My most unhealthy, my binge eating while binge watching Netflix and breastfeeding. This is also the moment when I knew I needed a change of mindset.

I am slowly blossoming my personality and standing up for myself. That includes my health.
Shortly after I had my son I have heard people telling me how I needed to “get back to the old Bryttany.” Hearing that didn’t help my mindset because every time that scale reads 188 I was letting those people down. Then I got pregnant again.

Towards the end of my second pregnancy, I started weighing myself obsessively. I knew all of the “you are so cute pregnant” comments would quickly turn back into, “now that you aren’t pregnant it’s time to get in shape.” So, I was dreading giving birth because of those words. This time proved to be no different but I was different.

This time, I have learned that shouldn’t be about what others think about my progress. It is how I feel about my progress and where I want to be in life.  I’ve started following my Parental Chaos a little more and using that to fuel my inner momness. Once I started living confident in my own version of motherhood, stopped comparing myself to others, I was able to release more than just emotional clutter.

My goal was to feel differently postpartum and to have lost 5 pounds by my daughter’s 1st birthday in April 2017. Well, not only did I feel amazing I had also released 10 pounds. Not just 10 pounds of weight but also tons of emotional weight. I stopped relying on other people to include me in their lives and I started focusing on my own version of what motherhood looks like.


Now, another 10 pounds down I feel confident enough to put that bathing suit back on and live in my purpose. I want to inspire stay at home parents to live their version of parenthood. Stop judging themselves based on what they feel it should look like, and letting them know parental chaos is normal. Once they release the emotional pressure they will release so much more.



My life goal is aligned with my desire to live happily. In fact, this month I head to BlogHer17 for my first blogger’s conference. I’m also not taking TheSweetness with me. While I am nervous, as this is another huge postpartum step for me, I am also excited to build a life aligned with my own parental chaos. This is a chance for me learn from the best and also learn how to be myself outside of motherhood.

Do you follow me on Twitter and Instagram? This Friday will be the first weekly Parental Chaos Chat LIVE on Instagram at 9:45 PM EST. I will also be LIVE tweeting from BlogHer in just a few weeks! Thank you for listening to my stories, I hope that in some way I am helping ease your way through the parental chaos. If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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