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Parenthood Positively Delayed my New Years Obsession

Why The New Years Obsession?

People are so obsessed with the New Year, setting resolutions and goals. I can’t really talk because I have always been one to “tackle” the new year head on, then fail a few weeks later. That’s actually what I wanted to share with you all. Parenthood delayed my New Year’s obsession. Y’all, it’s almost February and I JUST ordered my planner. I still haven’t filled out next week but I did get everything important written down. I swear though, parenting has changed my life and it’s almost always a positive change.

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What I mean by that is that I’ve shied away from stressing about the New Year. Trust me, I stress about everything else but this year I took a different approach. I chose a word of the year, FEARLESS, and just kept parenting through 2018. Instead of showing my children a stress ball of exercising, dieting, or overworking realness. I decided to approach the year with my feelings first and stress second.

Parenthood Changed Everything

Parenthood really did change everything. At first, I was that anxious, stressed out mom who cried when she looked at the scale. Sometimes I still do cry but I also try not to weigh myself anymore. Win/lose/win situation. It’s hard to go from an athlete in college working out 6 times a week, to an early twenties bartender eating cheese dip every day, to a mom of two. I started my journey at my lowest 120 lbs at 17 and am now a 162 lbs 27 years old. It’s tough, but the numbers aren’t a huge stressor for me any longer. Parenthood changed my mindset.

My mindset shifted to wanting to be the best ME I could be. I wanted to feel good, happy, healthy, and show my kids that it is possible to love oneself. I know a wild concept for anxiety-ridden people like me. But when I see their faces watching me in the mirror I know that whether they show it or not they absorb everything. So, this year I’m focusing on being fearless in my life, in my mommin’, and in fostering relationships that nurture. All in the hopes that my children see my shine and emulate it their whole life. (Even if it’s all just BS because my kids made me miss out on setting goals for the New Year.)

Recovering and Moving Forward in 2018

In all seriousness, focusing on my word of the year has made this first month fantastic. However, the planner in me desperately needs life to pause so I can at least construct some kind of semblance in my life. Moving forward in 2018 I am holding onto my planner just as tight as I was in 2017 but with a whole different mindset. This year I have a mindset of self-love and it’s about dang time I decide to adult.

So here’s to all the procrastinating parents out there. Focus on how you want 2018 to feel and look to your children. Don’t stress the fact you are behind the curve. Grab a planner, app, whatever and take a moment to catch up. For me it’s at 12:47 am as I write this post and simultaneously plan out the next two weeks of meals. Hey, we have to eat and I am not a fan of grocery shopping twice in one week.

Speaking of Shopping

Here is a list of my current New Year’s Obsessions. Hope they inspire you to live your best 2018, even if you are a little-delayed getting started.

My current planner: Simple Elephant (It isn’t dated so you can start at anytime!)

My Favorite Pens: Frixion Eraseable Pens (Wanna start over? Easy enough, just erase!)

Make it Pretty: Scotch Washi Tape (Add a little color and fun to your planner!)

Keep Them Busy: AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator (Snag this awesome Toddler Learning Folder from Inspire the Mom)

No Time for Groceries? Check out Instacart, aka have someone else shop for you and no more taking the kids in multiple times a week.


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Parenthood Positively Delayed my New Year's Obsession. Photo Credit: Rockin' Red Photography Canton GA
Photo Credit: Rockin’ Red Photography

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