Parental Chaos

What’s Your Parental Chaos Style?

Parenting is Hard

No matter what you do you feel like you are failing at it, amirite? No matter what you may think, no one has it totally under control. Take me for example, I’m constantly feeling like I’m failing but I take the next moment to celebrate my mommin’. Handling this parental chaos thing is a process of growth, change, and just overall stress! Sometimes it is hard to see through the fog but you are doing a great job. Take my Parental Chaos Style Quiz, find your parenting style, and own it! (Don’t forget to share your style and the quiz with the world!)

Parental Chaos Style

Parental Chaos Simplified

No matter which parental chaos style you are, you are doing a great job! Keep going, keep fighting to be the best parent you can be. Communicate your needs and have fun with life! Parenting doesn’t have to be so serious or stressful, just let go and be you. Find your rhythm, find moments that matter, and share your story.

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The Quiz

What Did You Get?

Mother's Day

The Drowning One

You often hide in the virtual world because reality is overwhelming. You’ve tried all the tips and tricks but you are just tired. To battle this, take time for yourself, breathe for a moment. The world will not stop spinning if you relax. Find the support system around you, get off the computer, and focus on the good that is all around you. You are a great parent, own it! Stop comparing your reality to a virtual interpretation of “real”.

Mother's Day

The Carefree Parent

You don’t let things weigh you down and free range kiddos are what you seek. Wild, free kids are the best! Sometimes you forget about creating some sort of rhythm for your children. That’s ok! You own that with grace and inspire others to do the same.

Mother's Day

The Outdoorsy One

You leave the house every day because home life is just blah. The kids thrive outside and you don’t have to clean up if they are exploring. Find moms like you, creative ones who like hiking, don’t let them mom shame you for not being the typical stay at home parent. Be you, be free, and find new places to explore.


Parental Chaos Quiz

The Working One

As a working parent, you know that balancing your chaos is key. It doesn’t help when “perfect” parents try to shame you for working. It’s hard to balance it all but you are doing it. You are doing it! Your child is happy, healthy, and you show them so much love. Don’t let your inner voice make you feel any differently. You are amazing, just look into your child’s eyes!


Parental Chaos Quiz


The Supportive One

You know that no one is perfect and you try to bring people together. Sometimes you can come across a little bossy but that is just because you always see a positive solution. Keep shining your light into the world! You are appreciated and needed far more than you know.


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