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I Only Know How to Hustle

The Hustle

As a kid I was bred to hustle. Hustle up on the ball field, to get in the car, to eat, and always stay busy. As an adult it is as if I cannot slow down. I thrive off the chaos and the hustle. The challenge to find solutions excites me, and basically I have no chill.

But do I really? Am I really unable to chill or does it just seem that way from the outside looking in? For me, because the hustle is all I know, I do this blogging, share my story, probably over share too much thing. It is my own way to hideaway from the chaos that I put myself in daily. Strategizing and scheduling out how I present my story, finding solutions that encourage and uplift people, that is what relaxes me.

I Know, I Know

It sounds counter productive, I know. But for me, all of these outlets are based in showing my vulnerability so that others are inspired to hustle after what fulfills them. Getting these outlets organized has created the hustle in me that I desire but also has allowed me to work in time to relax. It’s all a balancing act and I’m learning as I go.

For example:

The Podcast is my Inspirational Outlet
The Blog is my Life
Instagram is the Beauty, The Stories are the Fun
Facebook is the Info

And my Facebook groups, well they are the heart of the whole operation:
The Hydeaway Community is My Family
Totally Healthy-ish is My Health
The Side Hustle Mall, well that is the Hustle

Everything I do, it may seem like a lot but each avenue holds a different space within my chaotic brainwaves. This allows me to create space and time in life to be more intentional with my children, my family, and myself. I set aside time to achieve all the things, but if I fail one day there is always tomorrow. This is how I do it, the Hustle is all I know. But what I’m learning is that I can create space for clarity and relaxation if I work it into the bigger picture.

What’s Your Hustle?

Personally, I create vulnerable content so that parents feel accepted and encouraged to hustle after what fulfils them. That is what drives me to explore every avenue there is in this industry. I want to use my voice to inspire parents to know it is ok to just own your parenting lifestyle. It’s ok to hideaway sometimes just like it is ok to hustle sometimes. Whatever it is that you do, own it and believe that you are the best “U” in the Universe. You deserve fulfillment, so go out and get it!


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