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One Day at Disney, The Magic Fuels You Better Than Coffee

One Day at Disney

One Day at Disney

We have one day to do Disney. One day to see it all, one day to find the magic, and one day to end completely exhausted. Did you know you can do all 4 parks at Disney in one day? My friend SarahLaine and I were originally going to take the challenge but seeing as that sounds absurd, we chose two parks for the day instead, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. This is our Disney Moms Trip Story and how the magic can fuel you even better than coffee.

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One Day Disney

Even better than coffee? Yeah, a mom like me lives off of coffee, especially when doing more than what I normally have planned. This Moms Trip was supposed to be a relaxing work trip for me but given that it is DISNEY we had to go full out. First off, we didn’t go to bed the first night until way past midnight. Did I mention our flight was at 6 AM?

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and picture two women in their late 20s, oh my goodness we are in our late twenties. Wait, you can’t read this if your eyes are closed. Well just picture with me the two of us, we haven’t seen each other in a year and we are off on a magical adventure with Disney! Of course, we didn’t sleep any the night before! Who could? We are going on our first trip away from the kids and our husbands to the most amazing place on Earth!

Our trip begins in the wee hours of the morning, stumbling our way to the car then into the airport. This is where it gets tricky, most people when traveling with a friend they travel together. We live that Parental Chaos life and our adventure was put together at the very last minute, she flew on Southwest and I flew into Orlando on Delta. So two Mombies walking through security at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, riding the Plane Train, then saying goodbye on their way to a Moms Trip.

We Made It

We definitely both made it to Orlando, had a small issue finding each other but we did it. I mean, who could miss the giant Disney Store in the main terminal of the Orlando Airport. Easy peasy meeting point for this epic adventure we had laid in front of us. By the time we arrived at our hotel, (The Caribe Royale Orlando) dropped our bags and called the Lyft we realized we almost had a full day available at Disney! Super Awesome as we had a list a mile long of things we wanted to see and do!

Pandora, Exploration Everest, Mickey, Peter Pan’s Magic Flight, Mickey’s Philharmagic, and of course we had to get a Dole Whip!

First Up: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Our day started with Pandora, we didn’t ride anything in Pandora but the views were worth it! The detail that Disney puts into everything that they do is simply amazing. We had a Fast Pass+ but it was also Labor Day weekend and everyone wanted to ride in Pandora. Some advice I heard was to book your FastPass+ about 60 days in advance if there are popular rides that you would like to do. We booked ours about 24 hours in advance, (hot mess moms) had only one day in Disney and didn’t want to miss anything.


Instead of a ride at Pandora, we tried one of the most delicious drinks I have ever had. First off, I love BOBA juice balls, second off I love slushies, and third of all I love anything sweet while also a little sour. The Night Blossom fulfills everything I could have imagined this drink would be if I were actually in Pandora. Coupled with the magnificent foliage and seriously all of the little details. It was like a dream come true and we didn’t even ride any of the amazing rides! I hear you have to do Flight of Passage, so for my next trip to Disney, I WILL be booking that FastPass+ as soon as I book my tickets.

Pandora Moms Trip

“A specialty beverage gets “glowing” reviews – At Pongu Pongu refreshment station, the exotic Night Blossom is a huge hit with guests.  This neon-colorful frozen creation is inspired by Pandora.  It features layers of apple and pear flavors mixed with limeade and topped with passion fruit boba balls. More than 2,000 are served every day.  The drink is especially popular after nightfall when it and all of Pandora take on a bioluminescent glow.”

For me, Pandora was the only thing on my “must do” list for this Moms Trip. Little did I know that Exploration Everest was going to be one of my new favorite rides. From the moment we stepped in line and noticed all of the photos/displays we knew it would be a fun ride. What I did not expect was the stomach drops and sheer terror-happiness that was displayed on my face when we saw the Disney Photo Pass Photo. We both laughed so hard and then finished Disney’s Animal Kingdom with lunch and a walk through the park.

Animal Kingdom


Tree of LifeMagic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was breathtaking and perfectly decorated for fall! SarahLaine and I are both Libras so we LOVE the fall. Who doesn’t love fall? I mean, you have Halloween, pumpkins, apple cider, and just all the fall things. It is the best and Disney did not disappoint at all.

As we walked through those magical gates we were infused with the magic that surpasses every moment of exhaustion on this trip. It was as if the Disney Magic gave us our second wind and willed us to keep moving forward through the park. Watching SarahLaine’s face just explode with happiness is a moment I will never forget. This was her first visit to Disney World and just to see that childlike joy spread across her face reminded me how much we I needed this trip.


Letting go of the parental chaos and able to just be was the best part of this trip. For me, the shift changed when we were in Mickey’s Philharmagic. The whole time as I was feeling, seeing, hearing, even smelling the show I was on the edge of my seat. I was on the edge of my seat with the largest grin I have had in a while. Nostalgia washed over me and I truly felt the Disney Magic as we walked out. If you do nothing else on your trip to Magic Kingdom, go to Mickey’s Philharmagic! It is the perfect way to start your day!

There is So Much More

There is so much more I could tell you about Walt Disney World but it would never be enough. You have to go see for yourself! Visit the Disney Parks Moms Panel and Disney Parks Blog for some awesome tips for planning a trip.

Disney Magic Kingdom

A big thank you to Visit Orlando and Walt Disney World for help planning this trip! I cannot wait to come back again soon!


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