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Naked : A Quick Netflix Review

Binge Watching with Bae

My husband and I watch a lot of Netflix as our “together time.” He works in home automation so we have our television mounted on the wall which is cool. So, “Netflix and Chill” is our main time together. We recently watched “Naked” starring Marlon Wayans, Regina Hall, and Dennis Haysbert. It was SO good! Some people may think it is a ripoff of “Groundhog Day” but it stars Wayans and Hall from the “Scary Movie” franchise. To me, it fit perfectly with their brand and I laughed so hard that I would consider it a success.

Get Naked

The story is about Rob and Megan who are set to wed. Unfortunately, Rob wakes up stuck in an elevator naked on his wedding day. He is doomed to relive his wedding hour until he learns how to just get out of his own way.

Rob is a substitute teacher and Megan is a doctor. Let me tell you, I was stoked to see a strong Black woman with her own career. She even told her daddy that she doesn’t need Rob to support her financially. See that’s what I’m talking about. Women need to rise up, own it, and stop apologizing for being freaking awesome.

Anyways, no one thinks Rob is good enough for Megan and he proves that over and over again. He just didn’t see it at first but marriage is more than love. Marriage is working hard to be the person your partner believes you to be. It’s about putting your pride aside and doing what you need to do for the success of the family.

Marlon Wayans is Hilarious as Always

For me, it is much easier to laugh through life than to get serious. So, I may be bias since I am easily amused. This movie took you from laughing like a hyena to crying like a baby when Rob finally said his vows. I love how goofy Wayans is and his movies always make me laugh.

Naked Marlon Wayans
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Marlon Wayans was the perfect Rob, in my opinion. Between his perfect timed jokes and always expressive facial features I was sold, then came the over the top physical comedy. Oh my goodness, when he had the broken arm and the drugs. I was laughing SO hard. (Spoilers)

Regina Hall is Gorgeous

I love me some Regina Hall. She can be so funny in movies like “Girls Trip”, flip it for something like “When the Bough Breaks”, then throw it back and have you laughing again. In “Naked” she played Megan a doctor and Rob’s fiancée. My goodness her wedding dress was breathtaking. So kudos to wardrobe and whoever she uses as a trainer.


Naked Regina Hall
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My girl looked HOT then her character had to go through so many different emotions waiting for her groom. Ah, I loved it. Ooh, and when she talked back to her dad. Yas, I was sitting here like #goals. Basically, she is perfect, I want to be her, and she played this character perfectly.

Netflix is life.

This is just one movie of many, many show that we have watched. I could go even deeper into my review but let’s just say this: GO WATCH IT. It really is a heartwarming and belly laughing movie that we really enjoyed. Come back after watching and let me know what you thought. I will be reviewing more of our Netflix Picks on the blog, getting more in detail as I go, so I would love your interaction. Subscribe to the newsletter below so you don’t miss any of them!


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