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The MommyCon Hustle | Giveaway Alert

The MommyCon Hustle

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This year I took a chance and extended my MommyCon Hustle to speaking, a step up from last year as an exhibitor. My first event was in the city I’ve only dreamed about, New York City! As a former musical theater major, I was searching around every corner hoping to see ANY Broadway stars. (cough, cough Lin Manuel-Miranda) I don’t think I saw anyone but what I did see was moms on a mission. Moms in their element, around other like-minded moms, and even some dads too!

MommyCon Hustle
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During my session, “A Balancing Act,” I was moved by the stories of moms putting themselves last. My session shared ways to break out of that mindset and find “mom time” without feeling guilty about it. Ya’ll ‘mom guilt’ is so real and so unnecessary. Why should we feel guilty about finding our own time? I mean even just 5 minutes is enough to de-stress for a moment but I find myself feeling guilty for that too. It is totes alright to put your children first, but you cannot forget about mom.


So, what about mom?

MommyCon Hustle
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This question rang out throughout my session in New York.

“What about mom?”

Moms need to communicate their needs and their support needs to understand that mommin’ ain’t easy. My MommyCon Hustle has always been to help moms find a community. We need a community around us to lift us up when we are weak and help us through the times when we just want to walk away. (You know you have been there, don’t judge.) Seriously, we all need time to ourselves to rest and refresh ourselves.

Nowadays I’m making my own time a priority and communicating my needs. I am starting to feel like the person I was before I tried to plan out my entire future while pregnant with my son. Mentally too, I mean how many of us out there get super frustrated when your partner is not home when you think they are going to be home? Now that I have a moment to breathe I’ve started thinking more from dad’s point of view and giving him some grace as well. So it is all about balancing the time, finding moments for yourself as a parent or caregiver.

Basically, I urged my attendees to use MommyCon as their “your time” and be thinking of ways to set aside time for yourself when you get home. Give yourself some grace, treat yourself sometimes, you are doing big things raising children and your life is what you make it, not what someone else says it should be. So give yourself a hug every day and remember “you are the best you in the universe, you deserve happiness, you are doing this parenting thing and you can make your life fantastic.”

So MommyCon…

MommyCon has been a big part of my parenting journey these past few years. I have attended three, exhibited at one, and am scheduled to speak at four this year! It has been incredible to see this event from outside to now inside, making lifelong friends along the way.
Speaking of friends, I have teamed up for an awesome giveaway with a few brands that made my latest trip to MommyCon NYC a success!MommyCon Hustle Favorites

One winner will receive:


MommyCon Hustle
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MommyCon | One General Admission Ticket (Any City)

  • Be around others who “get you” and shop the exhibitors firsthand. I will be at Memphis, Orlando, and Atlanta but that doesn’t mean I won’t pop up in other cities as well!
  • As a bonus, anyone can use code “STBH17” for $5 off your general admission ticket in all 2017 cities.
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Belibea | One NOURISH Bra or Cami

  • Belibea has been an amazing partner and even sponsored my MommyCon NYC session. The NOURISH Bra and Cami have been my go-to bra since first trying it during the #TLBNourish campaign. I love that it is an all in one pumping and nursing bra, simplifying life for moms everywhere!
  • Go ahead and order one, you deserve it! Plus you can use code “BRYT” to get 20% off
Lipsense Angel
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Lipsense | One Collection (Lip Color, Gloss, and Oops! Remover)

  • I’ve been taking some time off from makeup but I thought (with all my “fame”) I would try some for MommyCon NYC. My friend Angel just started selling Lipsense and although I am not an MLM chick I LOVED her passion. She is truly out to help women feel beautiful, inside and out. The group she started on Facebook is full of empowerment and beauty. Plus, I look like a mom who has it together when my lips are done. Fake it til ya make it, amirite?
Duckworth NYC
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Duckworth NYC | 15% off One Item

  • I met the founder of Duckworth NYC at MommyCon NYC and instantly wanted to get pregnant again! How awesome is it that they have pre-packed hospital bags? Not only are these Bundle Bags™ ready to go, the products inside are high quality and comfortable. They even have bags for dads too!
Yummy Spoon
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Yummy Spoon | One Yummy Spoon

  • This is a newer product that we had the pleasure of testing during our trip. The first time I used it I made a mess because I tried to use purees vs. solids (like the package says). Once I put some banana and avocado in there whole, this silicone pouch is a gamechanger. The Sweetness was able to enjoy her favorite messy foods without making a complete mess. I love that I can continue Baby Led Weaning on the go using the Yummy Spoon. Less mess + baby led weaning = a winner in my book.
  • Snag one for yourself at 25% off using code “mommycon”.

Whole Life and Services

The Whole Life Co. | One Face Scrub & Mask

  • Recently I was selected as a Brand Ambassador for The Whole Life Co. (They will be at all the MommyCon cities this year.) Kbebe asked for “a toy” from New York so I grabbed Aroma Doh for him. He was extatic! Then I went online and realized they have a ton of products for mom too. So I am giving away one of their Face Scrubs & Mask, and ordering one for myself as well!
  • Ready to order? Get 15% off with code”WHOLEHUSTLE”

Good luck to all those who enter the giveaway! Be sure to sign up for our blog updates, we have lots more stories to share!

Hustle or Hyde MommyCon Favorites Giveaway

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  • Christina Brady April 5, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    Atlanta mommycon! So excited

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      See you there! 💚

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    Always love reading your blog posts! You’re awesome Bryttany!

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      Thanks for the support! 💚 YOU are awesome!

  • Kaitlin April 11, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    I don’t have any other mom friends, so your posts honestly make my day sometimes. Hopefully I can make it to MommyCon in Atlanta. 😻

    1. Bryttany Hyde April 15, 2017 at 10:38 pm

      Aw thanks for the kind words, I’m so glad we are friends! <3 Hope to see you at MommyCon Atlanta!

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    This is awesome!!!

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    I think Atlanta would be closest

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    Atlanta is the closest MommyCon city to me. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

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    The closest mommycon for us is in Chicago.


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