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Our Minimalist Easter Story

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Holidays are always somewhat of a struggle for us because spending time with family is really important. With family local, we are always getting together for one event or the other. This year Easter is a bit different because of our minimalist journey, downsizing to a tiny house and trying to live with purpose. Our Minimalist Easter means that we didn’t go all out and that we are as perfect as these naturally dyed eggs.

Yeah….Minimalist Easter

Look at these beautiful eggs. They are SO beautiful on the outside, perfect even, no flaws and made with natural dyes. (only the best right?) So beautiful, minimalist, and Easter-y. What about on the inside? These could be the most perfect hard boiled eggs in the world. But what if they aren’t? What if they are trying so hard to be beautiful on the outside to hide rawness on the inside?

Isn’t that just like Life?

When did we get so caught up in hiding our raw selves?

Why do we hide behind our computers, refusing to leave the house to make actual friends?

Why do we think that people are scared to know who we are for real?

Easter Promise

As a Christian, Easter is a time for celebration and remembrance of the promises God made for us. Us, just exactly as we are. The raw us, the us that we don’t want anyone to see. He loves every bit of that rawness and wants us to live in our truths.

Now, I don’t always talk about spirituality because I believe that aside from love all paths are different. But I do believe in change and living out the promises that are already inside of you. In our family, we are no where near perfect! We fail constantly but we pick each other up and remind each other that we can do better tomorrow.

That is what I am most excited about this Easter.

Knowing that even though we may fail at minimalism more often than not, its OUR journey. No one cares how messy we are on the inside, our raw center. People care about people, or rather they should more often. Care about the person regardless of their beautiful/raw/flawed nature. Make that promise to yourself that you will give grace when needed and allow the rawness of life to shine through. You never know, the world / life could improve tremendously if we do.

So this year, I am going to admit that I’m not perfect. I’m going to remember the promise that even when things look the worst, there is always tomorrow. I’m going to keep going on our minimalist journey and know that one day we will get there. For now, we will hunt for plastic eggs (organic candy for the littles I will say) and we will dye eggs with store bought dye. Watching their faces is way more satisfying than beating myself up over it all. There is always next Easter to be perfect, but where’s the fun in perfect?

Happy Easter Everyone!

Minimalist Easter

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