Meet Cameron

Meet Cameron [ The Dudeman ]


Hustle or Hyde, Meet Cameron Hyde, Kbebe, Photo Credit: Rockin' Red Photography, Downtown Canton, GA
Photo Credit: Rockin’ Red Photography


husband | father | technology | mountain biking

Cameron is a huge part of the family. The breadwinner and overall the more fun parent. “What is life like without a little fun?” He is the inspiration behind a lot of Bryttany’s posts and will eventually share his words as well. Mountain biking is a love of his so he will be in charge the outdoor sports part of traveling. Bryttany will be photographing and writing. That is what makes a good partnership, working together to fill the needs we cannot fill ourselves. I look forward to sharing our experiences with you all!

  • Family
    • The Grounded and Fun One
  • Home Automation
    • Basically, He creates smart homes
  • Mountain Biking