Meet Bryttany

Hustle or Hyde, Bryttany Hyde, The Sweetness, Photo By Rockin' Red Photography Downtown, Canton, GA
Photo Credit: Rockin’ Red Photography

I am a happiness seeker. By keeping it real while hustling after what fulfills me I believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. Plus what are you going to do to find inner happiness? Hustle after it or Hyde?

When not on the blog, I’ll see ya online!

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My Story

My story starts as any other story starts. A young girl meets a boy and her whole life changes. Meeting my husband while in college jump-started my life journey. I quickly had to figure out how to navigate my own life within a relationship and living with someone else. After years of what I thought was chaos, my two children were born and I realized the true meaning of parental chaos. Battling postpartum depression after the birth of my son, I tried to branch out to other women through a natural parenting store. While that was a wonderful dream in itself my heart goal was elsewhere. I wanted to inspire other moms but couldn’t find my footing. So I stopped. I stopped everything and started focusing on my children, with a little blogging on the side. What happened was that I found my voice, my footing, and reclaimed my life. I found the strength to get help for my anxiety and to share my story. Now, I am working towards what fulfills me. Finding my happiness, owning my life, loving my family and loving myself.