Media Kit

Media Kit

Since starting this blog January 1, 2017, the page has grown from posting once a month to 1-3 times a week. In that time, as well, the page views have grown steadily from 419 to over 1500+ views per month. I recently returned from a blogging conference and will begin implementing the skills I have learned to continue to spread my message as far as possible. I love working with brands, companies, and/or individuals to amplify their dreams as I share my reality with the world.

Please contact me at to set up a package today!

Hustle or Hyde Media Kit , Bryttany Hyde Media Kit

Hustle or Hyde Media Kit Bryttany Hyde Media Kit


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wife | mom | hot mess of adulting realness Bryttany calls herself a wife, mother of two, and a hot mess mom. "I like to keep it real, instead of worrying about what everyone thinks all the time." Together with her family, she is downsizing and sharing their parenting reality as they do so. When not on the blog, you can find Bryttany on social media or in her parenting group on Facebook: The Hydeaway. Thanks for joining our wild ride!
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