The Deepness

Letting People Down

An Open Letter to Those I am Letting Down

I’m sorry for letting you down.

I’m sorry that I let you down when you needed me or when I agreed to be in your life. I blame my chaotic life but really it’s just me. Me, taking on more than I can handle and then backing out when I get overwhelmed.

See, I have this little problem of feeling guilty about not helping people. I say yes too much. I want to be a part of everything wonderful you are creating. But I don’t think about what that truly means. Then when I get in too deep, I have to leave because I’m not ready.


Are we ever truly ready?

Sometimes I feel that I’m not ready to help anyone because I need help myself. I’m drowning in this #momlife just like everyone else but I keep piling more on instead of handling what I have.

However, I AM ready to own up to my shortcomings and plan for the future. I am standing strong and learning to live in that strength. Organization and rhythm have been my keywords lately and I am thriving in it.

Do you ever just feel like things are better?

Like a lightness?

That is what I’m feeling lately. A sense of direction, of purpose, of strength to say no to opportunities that don’t serve me, and able to recognize my worth.


As parents, we don’t say that to ourselves enough. We get so bogged down with our faults we forget to celebrate growth. Growth is key to mindset change and it can improve your internal outlook.

So yes, I will own up to my failures and my missed opportunities. I will be vulnerable if it means that I am growing. But I will never let that hold me back or keep me down.

Mom life, stay at home parent life, working parent life, being a parent period is hard enough. It’s hard enough without you feeling bad about what you have done in the past. So, move forward and celebrate your strengths!


You are worthy.

You are strong.

Life is hard enough.

Own your weaknesses, grow, and change your future.

It’ll be worth it, I promise.


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