Latched Onto Tiny Living – post sponsored by Latch Time

Latched Onto Tiny Living

A few weeks ago we attended United Tiny House – Georgia Tiny House Festival. Ever since then we have been latched onto tiny living in a big way. A big shout out to Latch Time for sponsoring this blog post and our trip to the festival. Their breastfeeding statement rompers are the cutest designs. I will talk more about the wonderful owner and brand towards the end of this post. There is a giveaway too!


What a glorious day to be a tiny house kid! We had a blast this morning researching tiny living at the Georgia Tiny House Festival. So many neat things to experience, the kids really loved storytime with @sunkissesmoonhug and her new book The Big Adventures of Tiny House! ❤🚐 . . #hustleorhyde #futuretinyhomeowner #tinyhousekids

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At the Festival

It was amazing to see all the creativity that is the tiny house movement. From campers to schoolies to “traditional” tiny houses, the level of imagination was astounding. We learned a ton and it fueled my passion for continuing amplifying dreams while living tiny. Did I mention we still haven’t moved yet? Decluttering is a nightmare. (more on that later)

We quickly decided to skip talking to the busy booths and walk towards the array of Tiny Homes. There were so many we didn’t get to because the babies got antsy but the ones we did see were beautiful. We saw a few things we loved and a few things we needed to change about our design. Kbebe latched onto one of the tiny houses and didn’t want to leave! He likes to hang out in small spaces and one home had a tiny-er room off the bathroom that he claimed for his own. The Sweetness and The Dudeman seriously are two peas in a pod. I think she had more fun bossing her daddy around than at the festival.

Latched Onto Tiny Living
Best Friends


As for me, I just loved the atmosphere. Talking with the people, seeing the amazing products and brands/booths, hearing their stories, fueled my love of dream amplification. Being among people choosing to live a more purposeful lifestyle truly awakened the aspiring minimalist in me.  I looked around so impressed with all of these people happy, relaxed, and living how they want to. People just out living their dreams!

Speaking of Dreamers

The Big Adventures of Tiny House – Susan Bernardo and Courtenay Fletcher

If you haven’t pre-ordered this adorable tiny house book from Once Upon a Time Bookstore, do it. The writer is the sweetest indie woman I’ve ever met. (More on this later 😉)

Ooh La La Lavender Farm 

Amazing location for this event and they have home grown lavender products and essential oils. Obsessed with them!


The Homebiogas waste to energy system was something I had never heard about! Imagine turning your food waste into gas you can use to cook more food. Seriously, though, this is something I can see being used all over the country to build a more sustainable world. Imagine the cohousing opportunities!

Latch Time

A huge thank you to our blog sponsor Latch Time. Because of them, we were able to attend the tiny house festival and The Sweetness absolutely loves the attention their outfits give her.

The owner is amazing as well! In our package, she included breastfeeding facts along with lollipops for Kbebe. He was stoked! I asked her what her #hustlefactor is and she said, “(I) want to enjoy life doing the things I love.” Isn’t that exactly what we should be doing in life? Find something that lights your passions each and every day. Life isn’t about the mundane, it’s about living your life supported by the ones you love.

That is just what I’ve learned this month of testing the Latch Time rompers. Moms need support. Every time The Sweetness was wearing her romper we had someone say “thank you.” It seemed to open up the breastfeeding conversation to allow peace and support shine through.

I hope that you all take the support from here. Get latched onto the idea that supporting each other is what we are meant to do. Grab a romper from Latch Time to easily break the ice with other moms. Then come back and tell me your Latch Time stories. Also, be sure to enter our giveaway at the bottom to win this adorable baby blue “Half Baby Half Boob” romper!

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  • ItalianBelly March 21, 2017 at 6:14 am

    What an interesting event. The Biogas is a fantastic idea that could help so many families and our environment. Love the Leche Letdown onsie!

    1. Bryttany Hyde March 21, 2017 at 7:03 am

      Thanks for stopping by! I agree, Homebiogas was one of my favorite products!


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