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Hustle or Hyde – What in the Fantasy World Does That Mean?

So, Hustle or Hyde, Right?

Basically, yeah. Our goal is to create a life we don’t have to hide from. A life of sustainability, freedom, and togetherness. Our little Hydeaway where we can be our real selves, teach our children to embrace themselves while inspiring others along the way. If we have to sacrifice and hustle our way to making that goal come true then that is what we will do. We will do what it takes, open ourselves to opportunities, and find our way to happiness.

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Hustle or Hyde Family, Ring around the Rosie, Photo Credit: Rockin' Red Photography Canton Georgia
Photo Credit: Rockin’ Red Photography


Happiness seems to be this utopian like construct nowadays. Like it’s impossible to obtain, or it is weird to be happy. People seem to walk around with this distaste for life or always seeing the bad parts. That is what we are fighting against. This idea that being happy is wrong.

Being happy is amazing! Finding the moments in life that are positive and creating solutions in life. What a World it would be if we could be happy all the time or at least see the good that there is in the world. Seeing the good to be the good.

A Real Family

Y’all I haven’t always been this happy, positive, solutions seeking person. There were many, many years where the darkness took hold of me and I didn’t want to see the light. I still slip up sometimes. But, the little light I could see was in creating a family of my own. A place where I felt I belonged since in my family I always felt out of place because of my looks. (That is another story) I would see every action around me as negative, every word pierced like knives in my heart, and ultimately I just was so full of self-doubt I wanted to hide.

Once I met my husband I started to feel brighter, glowing through my doubts and embracing the magnificent beauty that you see today. I started using words like that to describe myself and eventually (aka this year) started to believe them. Those few pre and postpartum moments took me out but I came out stronger than ever. I’m ready to share all of my stories with the World.


This blog came out of my wish to share my stories. I had the opportunity to speak at a nationwide conference, MommyCon, after closing my retail store, LaVie Bebe. While my confidence was somewhat shattered, I felt like a failure, I saw the positive side of opportunities that opened up after those decisions. I loved connecting with people in real life and figured that I should probably have a blog or something for people to find me afterward. But, I had no idea what blogging was or how to make it successful but I wanted to learn.

So, last year I said yes to attending BlogHer and yes to finding my path within this space. From there I’ve met fantastic colleagues that I consider some of my dearest friends. I said yes to a sales representative and trade show assistant position with Charlie Banana(R), a job I can do from home. I’ve traveled and collaborated with tons of brands I love. I said yes to love myself more, signed up for LimeLife as a side hustle, and am actually taking care of my skin. Created a community online, The Hydeaway, and absolutely love the people in there so much so that we have monthly hangouts! Finally this week, I started a podcast which is just a way for me to let go. Then we sold our house, dropped the majority of our debt, and are working towards something seriously amazing. All of these things to get closer to our goal of creating a life of togetherness.

The Hustle is Real

I know reading all of that seems like so much stuff, exhausting, what about my kids? Well, the kiddos started Montessori school last month. That has given me some time to work, time to breathe. Time for finding solutions to create this happiness construct. I am at my best when I am busy and I love the challenge of juggling all of the things. I also have a bananas planner which helps me stay organized and focus. (The Start Planner) When the kiddos are home, I am actually focused on spending time with them. I feel like I’m mommin’ a little better lately.

By downsizing to our current situation I realized just how much we don’t need. How to only accept opportunities that align, and how to ask for help. The saying “it takes a community” is so true. Without my support system, I would be lost. Without the amazing brands I work with, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love. All by just saying yes, finding the positives, and stepping into happiness.

What about you? How do you make your dreams come true?


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