Don’t be Afraid to Hustle After What Fulfills You

The Definition of Hustle

There are many definitions of the word hustle. Merriam-Webster says the definition is “to crowd or push, to convey hurriedly, to obtain by energetic activity”. But, it also says, “to make strenuous efforts to obtain”. That’s the definition I live by in all avenues of my life. To make strenuous efforts to obtain a life that fulfills me. Then to turn around to work just as hard inspiring others to do the same thing. My definition is to not give up, even though vulnerability makes me want to throw in the towel.

My Definition of Hustle

I think it is SO important to be that voice, that example. To be someone full of flaws but making strenuous efforts each day to own my parenting style, my life, and be real. To hustle after vulnerability no matter how much it makes me want to puke.

That being vulnerable thing is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. To start showing how hard I work behind the scenes to live my version of life while connecting with parents wanting to do the same thing.

What Fulfills ME

Parenting – I want to provide my children with a gentle/positive home life while also affording education and activities that will provide them with amazing opportunities.

Relationship – The creation of a partnership where I don’t have to hide my true feelings or feel guilty for wanting it all. Pushing open the doors of communication no matter how badly it scares me to be real. Plus all the laughter.

Friendships – Connecting with people who support me while letting go of the fear of not being good enough to be their friend or not around enough to make real friends.

Career – Blogging, podcasting, traveling and supporting my family with my gifts is terrifying. There is no salary, no insurance benefits, or paid time off when you are self-employed. If this fails, I will have put my family through a lot financially which literally makes my mom guilt meter shoot through the roof.

Side Hustle – Part of the reason I joined LimeLife was that I worry about finances, about not being enough in my relationship, and about not doing enough in life. I went to a party and the Skin Polish made me not look so tired, which made me realize that I haven’t been taking care of me.

Myself – I don’t “chill” well. Yes, I’m capable of it but makes me truly fulfilled is when I hear from people inspired by my message. I’m not perfect nor do I try to be, but what I am is someone hustling after all the things that fulfill me.


Fulfillment is not being selfish. It’s about finding what makes you happy in life. Fulfilling your life by changing what doesn’t serve you or make you happy. It’s about creating. Creating a World, a life, a parenting style, whatever it is that fuels you.

That is what this new logo launch and The Side Hustle Mall are all about. Let’s work together to create a world where we can feel free to hustle after what fulfills us. From stay at home parenting to working parenting everything in between.

The Side Hustle Mall

Speaking of The Side Hustle Mall we are launching today! The Side Hustle Mall is a group on Facebook where you can shop trusted vendors and support their hustle. A place for direct sales, crafters, content creators, and so much more. Where you don’t have to worry about your inbox filling up and you can shop at your own pace because we only work with trusted vendors. If that sounds like the perfect place for you, join us on Facebook: The Side Hustle Mall.

Our trusted vendors’ list is growing and we are located from all over the nation. We are just getting started but we will keep hustling after the creation of a life we envision for ourselves and our families. If you are interested in joining our trusted vendor community, head over to my The Side Hustle Mall Page to read more about it!

A Giveaway to Celebrate!

To celebrate the launch of The Side Hustle Mall and our new logo, let’s have a giveaway! I’ve partnered with a few of our trusted vendors and brands that I love to bring you a huge giveaway. Enter, share, and be sure to join us on Facebook and Instagram for more fun all week long!



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