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Help Me Heal My House, My Heart, My Life


We figured out where the maggots are coming from. Actually, a new/good/amazing/sweet/beautiful friend figured it out. Seriously, ya’ll it’s ridiculous. But before I get into that, I want to talk about the whole aspect of “asking for help.” (If you missed the first part of this story, head HERE)

Why are we so afraid to be vulnerable and ask when we need help?

I am so guilty of off-handedly mentioning that I need help but not actually accepting that help. Why do I do that? I feel like it has been ingrained in me that asking for help means I am weak or I am failing. Especially as a Stay at Home Parent. In my MommyCon session “So, You are a Stay at Home Parent. Now What?” (which you should get tickets to come see me in Orlando or Atlanta. Use code STBH17 for $5 off) <<shameless plug, *disclaimer*>> Anyways, in my session I talk a lot about how the SAHP job is just that. It’s your job to be the PARENT who just so happens to STAY HOME. That doesn’t mean that you are a maid, chef, financial accountant, and the nanny. You are a parent first and your job is to provide them with love, safety, and make moments that matter. But sometimes I get lost in the parental chaos and forget my own words.

That is why I blog, that is why I speak out on social media because I need this just as much as you all may need to read that it is normal to be a hot mess. It’s normal to not be a hot mess. It’s just normal to be a parent, period. Rock out your parental chaos. Manage that shit and keep it moving. But, don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.

Gonna Get a Little Jesus

Ya’ll my Church is amazing, the people, the environment, the Pastor. Everything they do they do out of love as Jesus did. There is no judgment, there is only love at this Church and I am LOVING it. My husband even enjoys it, I never thought I would hear him ask if we were going to Church but he did the other day. #swoon Ain’t nothing like a husband seeking after His Kingdom. Anyways, I digress again. Ya’ll know I have no train of thought anymore my kids took it all.

This past Sunday the Pastor/Preacher said something that will forever ring true to me. Isn’t is funny how we always hear what we need to hear when we need to hear it? He said, “If asking for (accepting) help means failure. Then Jesus was a failure.” I couldn’t believe what I heard on Sunday. Is Jesus a failure? No way! Then it dawned on me, as I was calling myself a failure for letting it all out and asking for help, I was also calling Jesus a failure. Jesus knew that without community you would be lost. People are called to help and to serve their neighbor. By not allowing people to help you are not allowing them to do what they are called to do.

Hammer…meet Nail…and no that is not a Christian pun…although…nah best leave it alone

Back to the Story

So, this amazing girl I just met through the Peanut. (mom friend finder app) This beautiful light that shines through my darkness right now. She just decided to come help me, showed up one day and asked where can I help? I couldn’t believe it. I’m not very emotional, I mean I can be but it takes a while and I’m super awkward. This girl literally is my heart friend. She allowed me time to vent, talk, and I let her into my reality. Literally #showmeyourreal and it was terrifying but liberating.

Allowing someone to see past the mask you wear in life is so freeing. Being able to be real with each other is extremely powerful because you could change someone’s life. So that is my challenge to you all today. Be real with someone new today! Get on Instagram and share a photo of your reality with #showmeyourreal. Allow someone to see the real you and give them the opportunity to live out what we are called to do. To love, to help, to heal, to uplift each other in any way that we can.

Thank you to my friend, to my church, and to my family.

Oh, I almost forgot, the maggots! They were coming from a small trashcan in my kitchen that apparently Kbebe has been peeing in for a while. He finally told me and now they are gone! Woo, but also kids can be kinda gross, amirite? #parentalchaos

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  • Kathy July 7, 2017 at 8:48 am

    Great piece!

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    nice read

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    Good read


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