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Following My Dreams Sometimes Makes Me Puke

I’m Here Ya’ll, and my Dreams are Bigger Than Ever

Ok, so I have been hella focused on Instagram, homeschooling, working with Charlie Banana, and The Hydeaway Community that I have been neglecting the blog. So, here I am and I’m ready to roll. A whole new me, a whole year older, and seeking wholeness in all aspects of my life. But sometimes, following my dreams makes me want to puke. Seriously.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I may be exaggerating some but isn’t it a good thing? To be seeking a life that makes me so excited, nervous, and have all these big feelings? I think there is nothing better than having giant feelings. Loving people fully, expressing and communicating that love. Being bold and unafraid to have fun at the same time. That’s what I’m after, that is my dream, to create a life that makes all these big feelings come true.

What Does That Mean, Exactly Bryttany?

So what that means is that I’m stepping away from the HYDE (hide) part of life and stepping fully into the hustle. I’m pushing forward each day to show others, to show my kids, that big dreams are fantastic. That sometimes you have to hustle in all aspects in order to create change. Change within you, change around you, and change because of you.

In more direct language here’s what I’m working on for the rest of the year:

More Blog Posts

The Hydeaway Community IRL Meetups (TRAVEL)

More Instagram (Including a private one for my boudoir & modeling)

More LIVE Videos

and we are planning on building a house…I’m working on a cute Etsy project…and MUCH MUCH MORE!

So, Stick Around, it’s Going to Be Fantastic!


Stay and be my friend, be a part of the hustle. Seek out what makes you laugh, smile, and makes you say “I LOVE MY  LIFE!” Don’t be afraid of big feelings, feel them and say how you are feeling. Communicate with those around you. Be bold in what fuels you. Bless those around you with your positive energy and light.

Be blessed, be whole, be unafraid to be YOU.

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2 thoughts on “Following My Dreams Sometimes Makes Me Puke”

  • Sarah September 24, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    Go, you amazing woman!!! You cando anything you set your heart on. ❤❤ I’m really struggling right now even deciding what dream to push towards, but I’m so glad to know so many INCREDIBLE women to draw inspiration from. Happy birthday!! 🎂

  • Veronica Erickson September 24, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    Yes!! I love the positive energy that shines through your words and Live chats 🙂 Do YOU.


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