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My First Time Away. It’s Fine, I’m Fine, I Promise. (Part 2)

Continued from My First Time Away Part 1

*This post is sponsored by Mommy Moosli. I have received compensation and/or free product in exchange for my honest review. As you know, I only represent brands that I love and that I use for my own family.

So, this is my first time away from the kids. I’m fine. Seriously, I can’t believe just how fine I am. I thought I’d be bawling all weekend! Being around these amazing women has me feeling like I can do anything. 

I can do anything! I can be the woman that I am inside. More than mom, I am thriving in this environment. Hearing the stories from other bloggers and the speakers literally is changing my life. 

But that mom guilt, though.  I feel horrible about leaving my kids. I’m the stay at home mom, so I’m supposed to stay home. Moms aren’t supposed to have a life outside of their kids. Only dads are. Right? 

Wrong. It is the responsibility of both parents to raise the children. In a partnership you have to make self care a priority versus loosing yourself in that relationship. 

Look, my marriage isn’t perfect and I don’t know anyone who has a perfect one. Marriage takes a lot of work and you have to speak up for your needs. My husband does a great job at telling me what he needs. Unfortunately for me I feel like sometimes my needs are overshadowed. 

Not this time though. 

This time he became more than a husband he became my partner. He finally had the opportunity to parent the kids on his own. Apparently they are having a blast and don’t even miss me! 

This is all I’ve ever wanted in a partner and I am stoked that I finally went after self care for myself. I enjoyed the pool, learned so much, and recharged the batteries I needed. Having time away makes me feel like I can be a better partner to him as well. 

Speaking of Partners

Do those of you breastfeeding pump for your littles so the non lactating partner can help too?

I have slacked off again this go around with pumping and I am hating myself right now. We have no stash. (Gasp!) So, the week leading up to the event has been a pumping frenzy. Honestly, I thought it would be easy but was shocked when I barely got an ounce.

Now, I don’t always promote supplements for lactating but since I’m a slacker, I needed a little boost. Some way to get things going a little faster because I had failed at pumping. (There’s that mom guilt) It isn’t a fail it is just that I didn’t prioritize the need for a stash. I never thought I would leave like this, out of state, while she was still breastfeeding.

She is almost 14 months old and eats food most of the day. But she still likes to breastfeed for comfort and sometimes to sleep. So in my mind I am hoping she doesn’t need much. Before I tried Mommy Moosli, I tried all the tricks like blue sports drinks, beer, and teas. However, I’m still afraid I didn’t leave enough. (MOMGUILT like whoa) 

Why did I wait so late?

I thought it would be easy! I thought that I could just pump and go. Unfortunately no matter what I tried it didn’t really work until I tried MommyMoosli. 

Now I’m not saying this will work for everyone but I will share my experience. What I should’ve done from the beginning of postpartum was pump every day to keep a stash on hand for situations like this. Since I didn’t do that it was nice to have a little boost. 

So with this boost, from Mommy Moosli, I was able to store away 6 ounces before my trip. From what my husband told me, she hasn’t even touched a drop! All that mom guilt and she doesn’t even want it! That doesn’t stop me from pumping while away though. 

I made some lactation bars using the Cranberry + Orange Mommy Moosli and OMG yum. What I did wrong was eat 2 bars in one day! My boobs are so full I could burst! 

What is awesome about that is that I can bring home several more ounces to keep in the freezer if we need it. Which means more trips away for mom! It means more self care and it means that I can finally just chill, dude. I take motherhood so seriously that I feel on high alert 24/7. This trip is teaching me more than how to be a better blogger, it’s teaching me how to let go. 

My Mommy Moosli Bars (YUM for Everyone)


Super easy recipe! 

What you need: 

Now my recipe is adapted from The Daily Goodie Bag. However I replaced white flour with half almond and half coconut flour. I took out the cinnamon and limited the sugar, replacing white sugar with Stevia. Oh, and a splash of vanilla! 


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Combine first 8 ingredients in your mixer.

3. Add remaining 3 ingredients – combine until well blended.

4. Spread into a glass pan, lined with parchment paper, and bake for 10 minutes.

5. Allow to cool then cut into bars and enjoy! 

Let me know in the comments if you tried them and how much you loved them! Also I will be giving 2 bags of Mommy Moosli away and a Nourish Bra or Cami from Belibea so be sure to enter below!

One thought on “My First Time Away. It’s Fine, I’m Fine, I Promise. (Part 2)”

  • Kaitlin June 24, 2017 at 8:14 pm

    My first time leaving my little guy overnight was when he was just 10 months old and I had to travel to Memphis for work. Pumping was a nightmare because we were either driving, working, or sleeping the entire time, and half of what I pumped spoiled by the time I got home. I couldn’t think of him without getting a little weepy, so it’s probably a good thing I was so busy. Although, honestly, that hotel bed was the best night’s sleep I’ve had since I got pregnant! (Cue the mom guilt.) of course, everyone was just fine, and hopefully the next time will be a little less emotionally overwhelming. #okaytouse


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