Fearless: Getting Naked Changed My View on Motherhood

Word of The Year

We all have words that resonate with us this time of year. Resolutions, goals, creating a fresh start these words define “The New Year.” But what if instead of making hard-fast goals that will (most likely) be broken the first week we changed our words. What if we chose a word to define how we want to feel in the New Year? For 2018, mine is FEARLESS.

Fearless in pursuit of happiness, life, self, and in motherhood. Ok, I know you are thinking, “but what does this have to do with getting naked?” Well, let me tell you a little story…

Getting Naked

A few weeks ago I applied to model for Elizabeth Roses Photography’s Boudoir Wardrobe Shoot. Mostly I wanted to just have the opportunity to have boudoir photos taken but I never thought I would actually be chosen. But I was.

The deal was, you model you get photos. Easy enough but I forgot a little fact, that these photos would be used all over the web. Well, whatever let’s do it.

I did it, had the time of my life, and made a few new friends along the way. (Check out my latest project with Madison: Parent Bloggers of Georgia! ) Walking out the doors after our “sexy slumber party” (seriously it was so fun we didn’t want to leave) I became a new person. Seriously, if you are contemplating a Boudoir photoshoot DO IT! No regrets here, I feel so ALIVE!

The Butterfly Effect

It was as if my external shell was stripped away as I stripped down. I’ve been slowly revealing more and more of my reality but this experience changed everything.

Then I saw the photos…

Fearless, how getting naked changed my view on motherhood. Photos by elizabethroses.com
Photo by Elizabethroses.com

My first reaction was “oh my goodness I love this one, but ew look at my stomach.” My first reaction was to put myself down. Then I stopped.

Fearless, how getting naked changed my view on motherhood. Photos by elizabethroses.com
Photos by elizabethroses.com

I stopped and looked at the passion behind the photos. I saw someone I hadn’t seen in a while. Someone who was lost in the bog of parental chaos. The real me, wild, fierce, sexy, and just happy. When did I stop feeling that way? I’m finally seeing the butterfly emerge from the postpartum cocoon and this year I will be FEARLESS.

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This year my word is Fearless. No goals, no resolutions, just letting go and pushing forward unashamed of the person I am re-becoming.

What about you, what’s your 2018 Word of the Year?


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Fearless, how getting naked changed my view on Motherhood. Photos by elizabethroses.com
Photo by elizabethroses.com
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