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What to Expect at MommyCon Atlanta 2017

MommyCon Atlanta 2017

This coming weekend, October 28, 2017, is MommyCon Atlanta! I am stoked, to say the least that I have the opportunity to speak in my hometown about parental chaos. If you haven’t seen the schedule yet, you should check it out and then come see me at 9:30am. (Stay at Home Parent, Now What?) Seriously, though if you haven’t been to MommyCon yet you need to this year!

MommyCon Atlanta Final Schedule. Stay at Home Parent, Now What? Chaos Momager

MommyCon is about more than just shopping and visiting with friends. It’s about being around others within the community you have seen online. It’s about taking a break from the parental chaos to laugh with others doing the same. MommyCon is one of my happy places, ya’ll.

What to Expect

This is my third MommyCon in Atlanta and second at the Infinite Energy Center. Let me tell ya, this is a great venue compared to my first MommyCon Atlanta experience. Tons of space and it’s just a beautiful venue. This year, I’m not sure how they will have it laid out but my advice is to nail down what sessions you want to go to today. Don’t wait until Saturday morning to map out your schedule,  you will end up missing out on things.

MommyCon Atlanta MommyCon Chicago
Photographed by Jonathan Body | © 2017 TK Photography |

Exhibitors are super exciting but don’t get so caught up in shopping that you miss the sessions. Don’t miss the sessions! There is so much knowledge being poured out this weekend that you need to soak it all up because MommyCon isn’t coming back to Atlanta in 2018! But that being said, #BUYALLTHETHINGS. Seriously, all your favorite brands and a few new ones in one place. I’d set a budget and then go wild! Are you excited about any certain product in particular? Sincere Elephant has a few things up their sleeves that are definitely on my wishlist! Oh, Whole Life Co. does too! Their aroma doh is my go-to stocking stuffers this year.

Preparation is Key

I cannot stress that enough. So many people have high expectations for conventions but low preparation which leads to somewhat of an upset. Remember this is a national convention and MommyCon works hard every year to put it on. The Gift Bags are just one part of the puzzle and the brands may or may not send the same thing to each city. It’s all part of the overall experience.

Prepare for the day and embrace the chaos. There will be kids running around and strollers, boobs out and lines. Ya, just gotta roll with it and make your experience what you want it to be! If something goes wrong, let a staff member know but they usually send out a survey afterward as well.

MommyCon Chicago MommyCon Atlanta
Photographed by Jonathan Body | © 2017 TK Photography |


Bring snacks for your littles! MommyCon may have toys available to help entertain them but I know my kids always want snacks. MommyCon also put together a list of 5 Family Friendly Restaurants nearby the venue. That’s all I got on that topic, short and simple because SNACKS are LIFE.

Have Fun and Join the BFF Community

Basically, just have fun, make friends, shop, and learn. Most of all take all those good feelings back home with you and chat it up with us in MommyCon’s BFF Community!

MommyCon Atlanta

Just in case you forget, I’m speaking at 9:30 am with a session called, “Stay at Home Parent, Now What.” (Haha) Seriously though, I am so excited to meet you all! If you haven’t purchased tickets yet do so quickly! They won’t be selling them at the door so snag one today! (Save $5 with code STBH17)


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