An Exciting Summer Full Of Life


This summer I want to focus on living! Living our lives out loud and pushing myself to hangout with people instead of hiding in my house. Yes, it’s going to be hot but it’s worth it. My kiddos love being with friends and doing things. So here we go, a summer full of life!

Every day I want to do something new, something outdoors, and of course, learning is everywhere. Most days will be fun but if I can make learning fun then I’ve done my job! Since I’ve been lacking motivation I wanted to invite my people from The Hydeaway Community to join us and well, this summer is going to ROCK!

Summer Full Of Life

Since the kiddos will be home for the summer, possibly forever, we are kicking things off June 1st! Every day is a new activity and for me a new challenge. I’ve gotten somewhat complacent about having them at school. It is SO convenient to clean and work with the silence of a few hours on my own. But now, I feel more motivated to make life wonderful for them. This summer I want to make their lives truly amazing.

What about you? Do you plan your summers or do you fly by the day? I’m sure some days will be filled with more screentime than I wish and missed events. But, I really want to make this summer filled with new experiences. Check out our schedule for June and use it as a starting point to plan your summer fun! Each day is something different, pool days/splash pads, playgrounds, field trips, and bonfires/playdates. Then we even added in weekend events as well. If you are local to me, join us! Join The Hydeaway Community on Facebook for the password.

june preschool activity calendar for group meet ups hustle or hyde


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