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Good For You, Enlightened Review

Good For You, Enlightened Review

*I received product in exchange for an honest Enlightened Review, you can read more here Disclaimer

While scrolling through Instagram I came across this delicious photo from Enlightened. Instantly I knew I needed some in my life and then I read the label. Y’all this stuff is “good for you”! Done. Boom. Sold. Getinmahbellah.

So, I decided to try some and I ate it all before I could even take a photo! This chocolaty goodness is exactly what I needed to start my health journey. Yeah yeah yeah, chocolate + sugar does not sound healthy to me. Well y’all, it is!Enlightened Review

Aside from the delicious flavor, the packaging is a HUGE win for me. The bright colors, the little moon shape in the top, and the fact that everything actually it looks like the photos online.

After my first experience with the ice cream bars I was sent their Roast Broad Beans to try. Alright, I know what you are thinking, beans really? Yeah dude, Roasted Broad Beans in a bunch of different flavors. A yummy vegan snack to get you through the day and Kbebe loves them! His favorite two flavors are Cocoa Dusted andEnlightened Review Roasted Broad Beans Sweet Cinnamon, just like his mama. TheDudeman always goes for the savory flavors like Sriracha and Sea Salt. Either way I love that I feel confident letting my family snack away with Enlightened!

Where to Buy

When I was first looking into Enlightened I found the ice cream bars at my local Kroger. I wasn’t able to find the pints in store so they were ordered online from Enlightened Review Ice CreamIce Cream Source. As for the Roasted Broad Beans you can head to my affiliate link and order straight off their website. (I do get a small commission if you use my link, so thank you!) Either way I hope that you try something from Enlightened, you and your tummy will be so happy you did!


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