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Endometriosis Fighters of Georgia, Are you the #MEinEndo?

Battling Endometriosis

It’s funny how sometimes life puts you exactly in the right place at the right time. That’s me with Endometriosis. For the longest time, I have thought I was alone in this pain-hell but little did I know just how bad it can be. Meeting with the women of Endometriosis Fighters of Georgia Inc. and hearing their stories has motivated me to action. Which is why I’ve been a little radio/blog silent this week. Not only because I’ve been battling my own Endo symptoms but because I have a few plans in the works.

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Before I get all the way into my experience this weekend, I’d like to thank a few people. First, Provino’s Italian Restaurant who provided a lovely private space for our luncheon. Also, my personal event sponsors Dirty Beauty, Lavandula Skin Spa, and Scent Fill for a few giveaways!

As you already know I love Dirty Beauty and Lavandula Skin Spa! What is even better is how supportive they are about Endometriosis. When I went to pick up the giveaway from them I had just started my cycle. Aka I was a hot mess and not all peppy as I normally am. Samantha recognized that and was supportive when she didn’t have to be. That is huge for someone with Endometriosis, just having someone believe you and realize how serious it is. If you are local, go visit them in Downtown Woodstock!

Scent Fill is a new one! Ya’ll, these things are amazing! Scent Fill is the first 100% natural plug-in air freshener refills. They have a patented, universal fit which means you don’t have to buy a new plug to switch. That is one of my favorite parts because I hate HAVING to buy a new plug to try a different brand’s scent. Also, they are manufactured and assembled in the US with more essential oils and/or natural content than store brands. Now, I still love my diffuser but for small rooms like the bathroom, these are amazing! I tried one after #BlogHer17 and the long-lasting scent has me hooked for life.

So, thank you to everyone and to Lindsey the founder of Endometriosis Fighters of Georgia Inc.!

The Luncheon

There is just something about being in the presence of some amazing women that fires you up! These women have fought doctors, infertility, and financial burdens to get the help that they need. I wish I could tell you all of their stories today, but that will come in time. For now, the luncheon.

As this day was the start of my cycle, unfortunately with new symptoms, I had to have Cameron drive me there. This new symptom of leg pain, weakness, and extreme fatigue is kicking my butt. Did you know that 1 in 10 women suffer from Endometriosis but haven’t been diagnosed? If you would like to learn more about Endometriosis including a checklist to bring to your doctor, check out meinendo.com.


These women are so strong and so powerful. Fighting to have their voices heard and I am one of them. This is unfair and we shouldn’t have to go through everything we go through just to be told, “Oh, you are being dramatic, it is just a period!” Just being with these wonderful ladies helped push the pain aside even for just a moment. Knowing that you are not alone and there are different ways to manage the pain. Then there is the passion you feel while listening to Lindsey talk about her plans for Endometriosis Fighters of Georgia Inc. 

The Facebook group is just the start of a non-profit that Lindsey is creating. She will not stop until her goals are met and I admire her for her hustle. Not only does she want to change the way Endometriosis is seen in our state, she is also working with hospitals to change how we are treated. That is huge! I know for me when the doctor laughed at me for finally expressing what was really going on, I broke. In that moment, I never wanted to try asking for help ever again. That is not what our health professionals should be making us feel, Lindsey is working on changing that.

Endometriosis Fighters of Georgia

These are my people, this is my fight too. So, I fight we will make a change! If you would like to get involved email Lindsey at Endofightersofga@gmail.com. If you could you support, join our group on Facebook: Endometriosis Fighters of Georgia Inc.

Also, there is a YouCaring campaign up right now if you are ready to support this wonderful project! Link Below:



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