How to Have a Safe, Easy, and Fun Eclipse Day

It’s Solar Eclipse Day!

We decided to stay home today and make some DIY fun of our own! Aka, I didn’t get the glasses and I wasn’t about to pay $15 for one pair. NOPE. So instead I got my homeschool mom hat on. I think today has been a success so far! It was nice to stay in our rhythm but also explore what was happening during the Eclipse. All of these activities can be reused throughout the week to continue the Eclipse Day fun!

Eclipse Day
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Eclipse Day

The crafts/food I had planned are a few of my own creations and a few from Pinterest. If you aren’t on Pinterest, do it but don’t get sucked in completely. I have lost days of my life by getting sucked into the pinning abyss. Anyways, I got sucked in a little and so far the kiddos are loving it!


Eclipse Day


Here’s Our Eclipse Day List

So far that is all that we are doing today but I’m sure after the Eclipse I will find more activities for us to do! We decided to not build a DIY viewer or buy glasses for the kiddos because they are a little young to fully understand what to do. I’d rather keep them safe with fun activities than worry about them damaging their eyesight. We will probably observe the effect on the ground that the Eclipse has on our driveway or something fun like that instead.


Eclipse Day

Also, be sure to watch the Eclipse safely, check out my friend The Importance of Being Reese‘s tweet on the subject!

DIY Moon Sand

As a “cool mom” I had loads of fun making this moon sand recipe for the kiddos. I think they may have even had as much fun as I did! Well, that is until they poured it all out on the porch and it fell underneath never to be seen again. #ParentalChaos I tell ya.

DIY Moon Sand

It’s a really simple recipe for a whole lotta fun. I added in food coloring and a little bit of food safe glitter to add to the shimmer factor. When the kids found the gold glitter we were using for the rocket ship name building activity, they added that in too.

Moon Sand


Here’s what you need to make it! Flour, baby oil, a bowl, and a spoon. I didn’t have any official baby oil but one of the perks of closing a natural parenting boutique is that your garage is full of neat stuff. (I have lots left if you need any cloth diapers, baby carriers, etc.) Anyways, so I used the Birth & Baby Oil by Motherlove instead of traditional baby oil. For this activity I didn’t buy anything, I just used what I had.

Moon Sand

While the kiddos watched the Netflix show Space Racers, I whipped up three colors of Moon Sand and then sent them outside with my creation.

I didn’t want to make a ton so I just based my recipe off of what I had.

2 Cups of Flour

2 oz of Baby Oil

Food Coloring (blue, purple, and pink)

Glitter, etc

Mix together flour and oil. Once well mixed separate into three bowls and add food coloring. Once fully mixed add in any glitter that you would like. I kept the colors separate in our makeshift sensory bin (plastic pencil case) and let the kiddos mix up their own galaxy!

Galaxy Moon Sand

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Solar Eclipse Day

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