Earth Day Forever With Amy’s Green Cleaning

Earth Day is Over

It’s over, right? It’s one day long, or weekend, the party where we all recycle and the World is saved. Then the next day we hit up the store and revert back to the way we were before. Not this year! I’m putting my foot down and (trying) making a permanent change in our lifestyle. We already cloth diaper (parttime), use reusable snack bags (on occasion), and TheDudeman takes his lunch to work. For a while, I’ve blamed our living situation for canceling the sustainability concepts that I had in place at our old home.

At our old home, I meal prepped, made my own laundry detergent, cloth diapered full time, and was pushing to switch over to cloth napkins. It was awesome! I even made my own cleaning supplies, well at first I did. See, I had a little bit of lax in my cleaning mode and reverted to chemical laden products because frankly, I got lazy. In our current situation, the bathroom has become a major issue, basically, we have two potty training children and a lot of people sharing 1 bathroom.

Changing our Cleaning Habits

See, I struggle with keeping a schedule. I’m working on it, but I struggle. Do you feel that way? As if parenting and adulting collided within you so you just figure it out. Just me? Well for me it feels as if I have to grow up and grow up quickly. So, I’ve started with the bathroom and our room. I do a weekly and daily rhythm to train myself to develop healthy habits. It’s something that I’ve learned through developing mindfulness across all of our life.

That’s where Amy’s Green Cleaning comes in! As we are living with family I have continued to use chemical-laden cleaning products as they are provided for me. So, when my good friend Terra reached out to connect me with Amy, I was thrilled! Finally trying a natural product that I can trust, that I know works, and made by a local small business owner.

Amy’s Green Cleaning

Amy’s Green Cleaning is more than just cleaning, cleaning products, they are spreading the message of peace. Each bottle comes with a message that speaks right to the heart with a product inside that is made with heart. I spoke with Amy a little about their goals with Amy’s Green Cleaning and I love that she dreams big!

She told me that they are working on getting into shops across Georgia. Currently, they are in five towns across Northeast Georgia and looking to ripple out from there. She says, “Our vision is to put fill stations in each town so we can have our customers refill at a fraction of the cost and promote sustainability. We are huge supporters of our watershed and are members of the Georgia Water Coalition. We have a microbiologist and a chemist on our team as well and the products are lab tested. Our bathroom cleaner actually kills staff!! All our products have been field tested in the homes we clean for the last three years and we have four new products to launch in the near future.”

Personally, I am amazed at how well they work. My family hasn’t even noticed that I switched things out! They actually told me “wow the bathroom and kitchen look really nice this week!” These four products can really clean your whole house, and I’m hooked on the way they want to change the World starting with our little slice of peach pie.

Head to my last blog post to enter the Logo Launch Giveaway,now through April 27, 2018, we are adding a special gift from Amy’s Green Cleaning to help you celebrate Earth Day forever!


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