How Downsizing Made Me a Better Mom: 2018 Plans


Have you heard of that new movie “Downsizing“? Well, we are in the thick of it, minus the actual shrinking of our bodies. Although I have lost a few pounds lately…check out my postpartum story when you have time! Anyways, we are in the thick of downsizing and selling our house. If you follow me on Instagram (my stories are the best by the way) you have seen the hashtag #MOVEorHyde. Well, we are doing it, moving towards a smaller/more intentional way of living!

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Since my last post on downsizing, we have accomplished a ton of stuff. Hours of research poured over our phones and computer. Packing up an entire three houses worth of stuff (read crap), donating or selling a ton, and still have more to go through. It’s the bane of my existence I swear I’m never doing this again. Ok, I’m sure there will come a time when we will move again but I’m hoping this stage makes it easier later in life.


Downsizing a House, Before & After

What 2018 Looks Like

For us, 2018 looks a whole lot like freedom. Freedom from debt, freedom to pursue our dreams, and freedom to live our life. The kiddos start homeschool officially in a few weeks. Now that they are a little older, it is becoming a little easier with the rhythm we have created. The Dudeman has a few changes at work but with our downsizing is able to ride his bike more often. For me personally, downsizing has made me a better mom.

What do I mean by that?

Well, our first step is the initial move to my in-law’s house. We currently share a bedroom with our kids and since it is a loft we all sleep together. This sleeping arrangement has been rough on all of us since we are used to all sleeping separate. The benefit of this situation is that when we move into the RV full time we will be a little more prepared. Another benefit has been having less.

Having Less

Having less overall has been awesome for my mental state and our “home”. Living out of one bedroom I’ve been forced learned to clean up quickly or the mess overwhelms me. Also, we have clean clothes all the time now! It’s some of those little things that have made me a better mom. Momming with less also means being more present with my kiddos which has been amazing.

You know those Magnatiles? Well, Kbebe got a set for Christmas and it has been a fascinating thing to watch him build with them. He creates these amazing structures and add-ons that I would never have thought about. It is a great minimalist-esq toy for the RV!

Wait a Minute, Stop Stalling, an RV?

Yep, we are planning on becoming full-time RV-ers this year. Our house is on the market and we are all packed and SO ready for the next stage. Having our own space but being able to pay off a lot of debt while learning the value of less is exciting. Having a place we can use to travel and share The World with our kiddos is important too. Plus, there may come a time when we need to be mobile or choose to live in another state. RV living has many perks in my book.

On the other hand, living in an RV is terrifying. Not knowing what it’s like or if we will need extra insulation, what about locks on the doors, and meal planning? Then comes the multitudes of RVs to choose from. Seriously, have you tried looking for an RV for a family of four that is also in your budget? It’s exhausting mostly because we can’t do anything until our house sells.

Speaking of our house, it’s for sale if anyone wants it! Seriously though, our little house has brought us thousands of memories. Our babies were born there, it was our first grown-up purchase, and it is in the perfect location for our town. I’m going to miss it so much but the future makes me hopeful.


This new year is my number year, 18, 2018, it’s just meant to be. It’s meant to be seen as a positive force of change for our life and for myself as I step away from my fear. I’ve noticed a change in me, my kids, and my marriage in just a month and a half we have been downsizing. I’ve been more present with my kids, my husband and I have reconnected (if ya get my drift), and I’m actually focused on my blog planning. I’m hopeful that this streak continues when we destress from debt and move forward into the RV.

What about you? What are you hopeful for this year? Do you think that downsizing some of your life could change the way that you parent?

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Downsizing Made Me a Better Mom

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