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Dot Dot, Smilin Around Woodstock!

  • Woodstock, Georgia

Have you visited lately? Our little town is blowing up! Riding through Downtown Woodstock I just love seeing all of the cute shops and bustling people everywhere. Oh, and the amphitheater is just beautiful! As a mom though, we mostly visit the playgrounds. This past week I met with Dot Dot Smile, Adrienne West at one of our favorite parks, J.J. Biello. Adrienne sells these adorable dresses with an adorable name, Dot Dot Smile.

*This post and giveaway are sponsored by Dot Dot Smile by Adrienne West. I received dresses to honestly review. As always I review products honestly, never promoting something that I don’t absolutely love myself. Read more on my disclaimer page.

Dot Dot Smile

These dresses are KAH-ute I tell ya what! I’ve never been a traditional “girly girl” but honestly, I wish they made my size! The twirly skirt, the perfect length, and they are amazingly soft. The Sweetness wouldn’t even wear anything else for a few days! On top of the obviously sweet look of the dresses, Adrienne is one of the kindest women I have ever met.

J.J. Biello Park

Before I get into my meeting with Adrienne, I want to tell you a little about why we chose J.J. Biello Park to meet. It’s perfect for all aged kiddos. Kbebe loves playing on the 5-12 side so I have to watch him but both my kids can play on the smaller side together! Plus there is a little walking path around the park that I like to take advantage of whenever I can.

Tons of parents visit this park to play while using the covered patio for events, lunch, and parties. We decided to sit in the shade at a picnic table to talk, relax, and watch out littles play together. It was wonderful!

Giving Back

Back to the story, meeting with Adrienne was fate. She is in the Woodstock Rocks group on Facebook, saw my review of Dirty Beauty/Lavandula Skin Spa, and reached out. We have children similar in age and I truly admire her hustle. She sells these dresses not only because she loves them but because she loves to give back as well. Recently she started an ongoing campaign called Dresses for a Cause. Dresses purchased for Dresses for a Cause will be continually donated to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Adrienne does this because of a personal connection to CHOA. I truly love that about her!

Dot Dot Smile

Not only does Adrienne give back she also truly cares about her customers. As I was leaving she made sure to message me cleaning instructions and we double checked the fit. I mean, who does that? That is awesome! Using her cleaning tips, I realized just how easy these dresses are to clean which made me fall in love with them all over again.

Dot Dot

I don’t know about you but my kids are a mess 24/7 and I am horrible at laundry so everything is stained. This is the first outfit that we have owned that isn’t’ covered in stains after the first use! I’m stoked and my wallet is crying. I mean why do they have to be cute and easy to clean?!

Dot Dot

Easy to clean, cute, and they come in sizes 6 months to 14 years! Sorry, The Sweetness, your outfits are forever planned out. But seriously, I wish they would go up a few more sizes to fit me. I love a good swishy skirt. Each week there are about 10-15 patterns that come out and you never know what Adrienne has in stock. It’s a mystery! I love her group on Facebook because it is more than just selling dresses. She actually interacts with you, answers questions, all while promoting Dresses for a Cause.

A Giveaway and a Party

Join the group on Facebook to see all of the patterns she currently has in stock. Enter the giveaway below to win 1 Free Dress of Choice. Then, this Sunday, August 20, 2017, join me for a Dot Dot Smile Party online!


Dot Dot Smile Giveaway

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