Declutter and Destress {Step One to Minimalism}

Declutter and Destress
{step one to minimalism}

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One of our biggest dreams for this year is to downsize to a Tiny Home! Exciting I know right? But before we can do anything we have to declutter and sell our current house. Then we can build a tiny home and work on living intentionally. Breaking that big dream down to smaller goals is the only way to make that happen. I’m gonna be real with you, we SUCK at the whole follow through aspect of “adulting.” This year is going to be different, we are finding our rhythm among the parental chaos and finally finding our way.

First things first is the whole decluttering nonsense. I absolutely LOATHE to declutter but I LOVE how it feels when it is done. One day The Dudeman and I looked at each other and said, “why are we keeping all of this stuff?” None of the items surrounding us gave us joy anymore. We know we are depressed and have finally had enough. That day we bagged up 15 bags of clothing that was too small for us and looked up the word “minimalism”. Minimalism

Of course Pinterest came to mind, our hearts swelling while looking through the beautiful photos of minimalist tiny houses. This could be our life! We could feel Tiny Home - Declutter - Minimalism - Sanctuary Tiny Homesthis way forever if we change our mindset to work everyday towards minimalism. So set our quest to declutter and live this dream of minimalist tiny home living.

Every day our goal is to get rid of one bag. One bag closer to our dream. One step closer to appreciating the things that matter more than “stuff”. It’s amazing our light you feel with less. We spend more time together now that we “feel good” in our space. We are closer to our Tiny Home more and more each day.

Interested in the Minimalist lifestyle?

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