Days 2-4 on Zoloft – My Postpartum Anxiety Story

I Feel A Little Better and a Little Not

Ok, I know it’s not an overnight fix but I do feel a little better. Granted, I’m writing this while laid in bed working from my computer, but I feel good. I need to go outside though, it’s strange to have the feeling of wanting to do something. For so long I’ve just felt like laying on the couch was better than trying to do anything on a daily basis. Yes, I had highs where I got up and did a lot but then the low would hit. But today, day 2, I feel a little better.

Then the weekend hit.

Saturday I was ok except we had a lot going on and I didn’t sleep much. So by Sunday, and after a beer, my head was hurting so bad I slept all afternoon. I looked it up on Google and it said that drinking a little would be ok. So, I thought what’s one beer? Well, what’s one beer is my brain pounding it’s way out of my head. Needless to say I won’t be doing that again for a little while.

But a Nap Felt Good

I’m still not sleeping a ton, and mostly sleeping in the other room. It seems that my anxiety and lack of sleep increases when I’m in the room with my kids. So, sleeping in the other room, while not with my family, is better for me. So, taking that mini nap helped tremendously.

That is what I’m learning through this experience is that I have to slow down. I need to take each moment and savor it without overdoing it. Isn’t that the lesson we are supposed to learn though? Intentional living throughout our entire existence?

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