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How to be a Chaos Momager, in 4 Easy Steps

Chaos Momager

Step One: Stop trying to juggle your life.

Chaos MomagerNot everything is your responsibility. A true Chaos Momager knows when to ask for help and when things are too much. Communicate when you need help and accept the help offered. Let go of control and know that it’s ok to not finish your to-do list. The world isn’t going to stop just because you gave yourself a break. Well, maybe it will but so what? Don’t allow that stress to overwhelm your life. It’s not healthy and it doesn’t accomplish anything. Make a list then try to knock one thing, then two things, and so on.

Step Two: Have fun

Chaos MomagerWhen was the last time you just let go and had fun with your family? We get so caught up trying to perfect life instead of managing it. A real Chaos Momager manages his/her parental chaos, they do not conquer it. That is where many people get it wrong, they try to make social media real life and when they fail they are defeated. Just stop comparing your reality to reality tv. Find your rhythm, and own your parenting style. Manage what you can and make life more fun.

 Step Three: Make moments for your partner/spouse.

This is a harder one for me because I am super awkward with affection. Online, texting, phone call I am an open loving book. In person, I’m the one who side hugs her husband because she is basically Ricky Bobby and doesn’t know what to do with herself. My husband, on the other hand, craves touch and moments together. So I am working on that, as a Chaos Momager, to set aside my insecurities and just love that he loves me. Embrace the affection and then internalize it. My weight loss journey started with that, loving myself, the rest just followed. Now, 20 pounds lighter I feel a little more like myself and feeling a whole lot more of love inside and out.

Step Four: SELF CARE

Self Care

Take a bath, do some yoga, play a “who can be quieter” game with the kids. Whatever it is that makes you feel a little less stressed, do it! Don’t be ashamed to spend some time to yourself. Sometimes I just leave the house when my husband gets home. I let them do a walk around the neighborhood while I walk around the grocery store. Whatever you need to do, don’t be afraid to do it!

Chaos Momager Level Up

Basically, just stop stressing so much! You are doing a great job managing your chaos. You are a Chaos Momager in your own way, own it! Now all you need is to grab your official Chaos Momager Shirt from Sincere Elephant and rock it proudly. You are worthy, you are special, and you are nailing this parenting thing!

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