Failing at This SAHM Thing

Seriously Failing *This was at my worst, I will always tell my truth. From the very worst to the best, and everything in between.* Where do I even start? My house is a nightmare, I don’t even want to show you because it’s that bad. Dishes in the sink for weeks, trash on the floor, my room is covered in […]

What if Staying Home isn’t My Exclusive Destiny?

Stay at Home Parenting This blog post is for the stay at home parents who, at times, feel in over their head. If you are like me you feel your destiny is to just be a parent, nothing else. Want to hear a secret? Sometimes I think, “I miss going to work.” Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time […]

Parenthood Positively Delayed my New Years Obsession

Why The New Years Obsession? People are so obsessed with the New Year, setting resolutions and goals. I can’t really talk because I have always been one to “tackle” the new year head on, then fail a few weeks later. That’s actually what I wanted to share with you all. Parenthood delayed my New Year’s obsession. Y’all, it’s almost February […]

It’s 2018, So Why Do We Care About The “Cool Kids Club”?

The “Cool Kids” Club Everywhere you go there are “cool kids” and then their underlings, right? You join a parent group and then get too scared to post because it seems like there is already cliques formed. Where do you fit in? Do you fit in? Let me tell you a secret, the “cool kids club” is just a myth. […]

You Say it’s Your Birthday? Celebrate at The Spa!

Yearly Birthday Shenanigans Each year my birthday comes an goes without a sound. As a child, I had ONE bad birthday party and swore off birthday parties forever! That is until this year. This year I celebrated with my friends over at Lavandula Skin Spa and Dirty Beauty. They treated my friends and me like the queens we are, plus […]

When The World Starts Crashing Down, We Rise

Parenting, Marriage, Adulting Life is all hard work and stress. To rise above it all takes strength. Name one person who has it together and I’d say that’s a lie. If it’s true, they must be really good at managing life. As for me, not so much perfect as I am completely and totally human. I fail on the daily […]

Letting People Down

Sometimes in life you let people down. I’m sorry to those I’ve let down. But, I cannot let that keep me down any longer. You can’t change the past, you can only grow.

There is No I in Team, So Why Do We Act Like It?

Team, a 4 Letter Word That Means So Much I’ve been a part of a team for most of my life. Be that sports teams, group projects, work teams, and now a few admin teams. Throughout my time within a team setting, I’ve learned more than I thought I learned at that time. Implementing it is what I have trouble […]

Help Me Heal My House, My Heart, My Life

So… We figured out where the maggots are coming from. Actually, a new/good/amazing/sweet/beautiful friend figured it out. Seriously, ya’ll it’s ridiculous. But before I get into that, I want to talk about the whole aspect of “asking for help.” (If you missed the first part of this story, head HERE) Why are we so afraid to be vulnerable and ask when […]

My First Time Away. Mom Guilt, Amirite? (Part 1)

It Feels Like The First Time So, I’m heading to BlogHer17 this weekend and I’m stoked! It feels like the first time in a long time that I have felt excited about life. Like I have been transported back to the days of summer camp. Those were the best days because I knew that in those few moments I would […]