Powering Through Day 1 – Postpartum Anxiety

Night or is it Day? It’s 11:50pm on Wednesday night, the day I went to the doctor. I don’t really know what to write about today that I didn’t write already. But, I guess I can sum up that I’m still awake because I’m scared. I’m scared to take Zoloft. There, I said it so now I can overcome it, […]

Reclaiming My Life This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Mother’s Day a celebration of the mom you are in whatever way that may be. For me, I am reclaiming my life as the mother I am and the person I am. The mother I thought I was (or rather was trying to be) is gone and I’m making way for this fearless mother who isn’t afraid to […]

How to Love Your Mom Bod After Baby

Do you like yourself? Seriously, do you like yourself? Loving your mom bod after having a baby is hard for anyone. I have friends of all shapes and sizes. Until recently, not one of us talks positively about the way we look now.   I’m on this journey of FEARLESS this year. Fearless in my work, fearless in how I […]

Making Moments Magical, an Unlikely Postpartum Story

Weight Loss As a society, we focus so much on losing weight. Skinny is the “norm” and Postpartum is no excuse. Right? What happens when it doesn’t just fall off? What happens when you look in the mirror and see someone 3 or 4 times the size you used to be? This is my story of making moments magical, part […]

Postpartum in Progress

Are any of you on a health journey? I’m on a life journey. Not only navigating this parental chaos but also finding myself again. This is my own postpartum progress, finding ME.

Releasing Emotional Clutter Forever

Releasing Emotional Clutter Forever Look, removing clutter from your home is just one step in the whole downsizing process. Sure, a clean home can create a huge sigh of relief but then what? What happens after the house is clean and your life is more streamlined? For me, the whole process has been a test in balance. Balancing closing LaVie […]