How to Have a Safe, Easy, and Fun Eclipse Day

It’s Solar Eclipse Day! We decided to stay home today and make some DIY fun of our own! Aka, I didn’t get the glasses and I wasn’t about to pay $15 for one pair. NOPE. So instead I got my homeschool mom hat on. I think today has been a success so far! It was nice to stay in our […]

Finding Our Preschool Rhythm

Rhythm The basis of all things seems to be the rhythm that we keep. Finding the rhythm in motherhood is a whole different ballgame when you add in homeschooling. Especially with a preschooler, well two of them technically! Preschool for us isn’t a strict curriculum, this month it is about developing a rhythm. It’s about finding the preschool rhythm within […]

Preschool Parental Chaos Style

It’s That Time Again You walk into the store and see the entire town buying the endless list of school supplies. From preschool to preteen, they are all out buying up the shelves. You barely snag the last ink cartridge that you need for work from a friendly teenager and resolve to never shop this time next year. But, you […]